Used oil re refining

Used oil should not be discarded. Although gets dirty, used oil can be cleaned and purified for several times. Recycling used oil has some benefits e.g : saving the energy, protecting the environment and recycling the natural resources.

Since used oil contains too many contamination, including non-hydrocarbon, alkenes, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, metal hydronium, impurities, metal particles and colloid etc, refining this oil is beneficial for the environment and more energy is saved.

The application of used oil distillation unit (thin film evaporation) is refining industrial waste oil (including equipment’s lubricants, metal-working and process oil) and automotive lubricants (such as engine oil, hydraulic oil and gear oil) to clean and reuse it. This technology is different from traditional sulfuric acid wash and atmospheric batch distillation method. The residue of traditional distillation treatment technology is very harmful for environment, and the recycled oil from traditional process has odor, besides it is oxidized easily.

In our process we add a catalyst to used oil including gasoline, diesel and gas engine oil-whether mineral or synthetic- and then distill it under high vacuum to make high quality regenerated base oil without secondary pollution. This technology is highly automatic; the operation is easy, no complicate control process is needed.

Distillation includes physical separation of components of lubricating oil at its boiling point. Using vacuum, we can produce gas and gas oil at lower temperature and also distillate heavy oil without thermal cracking so the product has a high quality. When heavy lubricating oil is distilled under higher vacuum, perfect base oil will be produced.

Working principle:

This equipment adopts physicochemical actions to polymerize, neutralize, adsorb and eliminate impurities and harmful contaminants.

In this device, a new chemical alkaline complex catalyst is used, which restores and regenerates the oil residue in order to clean the oil and save its components.

Traditional distillation causes oil cracking and the produced oil will have a dark color and bad odor (due to reaction with oxygen), but our noble technology has eliminated all these disadvantages.

In our recent method all of these disadvantages are eliminated, as we use the alkaline complex catalyst in it.

Technical advantages:

-low cost, it only needs a power supply and does not require any chemical additives

– Easy to operate, only one or two operator/s can control the unit.

– Environment friendly, without secondary pollution. The workspace is completely enclosed and no harmful gases are released, the remaining material such as colloid, bitumen and carbon are collected and later it can be used as fuel or asphalt.

– can recycle all kinds of oil including gasoline, diesel, engine, rubber and other lubricating oil.

– High recovery rate: base oil 83%~85%, gas and diesel oil 5~7%, oil sludge 3~6% (according to the degree of oil pollution)

– the most advanced treatment process which is suitable for large scale and mobile equipment. In addition it won’t change the color of recycled oil and won’t create any harmful gases( If there is no unsaturated component).