The Progressive / Liberal Mind: Lost, Confused and a Strategic Failure
Andrew Markell

Activists do not practice any of the Three Laws of Effective Strategy. They have no applied understanding of how the mind of their opponent works, they literally live on the battlefield, and they refuse with a vigilance to self-examine. The unfortunate result of this confusion is that they become unwitting puppets, filling a crucial role designed by the Extractors for them to reinforce the emotional pull of duality.”

That right right there sums the whole thing up for me. As a chess player, I proactively try to see 2 or more moves ahead in most that I do. It’s not always easy — especially if it’s in a field I am not too familiar with — but it certainly prevents me from parading down the street with obnoxious banners… as the reason I’d be marching is so often different from what I think I am marching for.

Very well said!

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