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Social Media & Indian Politics

The Election Study about “Social Media and Politics” is very much diversified. This study is an in-depth analysis of 2014 Elections. The success of BJP’s online campaign in 2014 Lok Sabha election was phenomenal. Other parties also went up with the same way. All parties played war to spend on social media. It was to expand the reach of their mass contact campaign for the Maharashtra Assembly polls. They failed to gain power but 2014 Assembly elections in India. But it witnessed the biggest change in Indian politics. Regional parties in Maharashtra have finally understood the power of social media. They have jumped into it.

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The 2014 general elections in India was revolutionary. It saw social media as a new battle ground. Narendra Modi emerged as India’s Obama. The conventional ways of sending messages, recorded calls and public gatherings was not seen much. This election saw politicians leveraging. Social media used to reach out to constituents like never before. Many of them were reluctant earlier. But they have now become active. Its either out of necessity. It helped to keep up with their peers. Many political parties also made it mandatory.

Ruling Congress defeated

In Maharashtra, The ruling party — Congress was defeated. Congress were in power for 10 years. Whole and sole responsible person for Phenomenon was Narendra Modi. For the first time in India social media was used so extensively during elections. The study shows that NaMo is the most active and popular personality on twitter. Twitter including all other popular social networking sites. The news channels’exit polls became the key ingredient for success of Modi and BJP. The main aim of this article is to understand the impact of social media on the Indian politics.

The other reality is interesting. About 50% of voters in 2014 were below 35%. Almost 40% of them were from urban areas. Political parties who till the day have been continuously wooed the rural crowds. Now they have been forced to rethink on their strategy. Today’s youth, whether urban or rural, is spending their maximum time online. Thats why 2014 assembly elections saw the mad rush. It was by the regional political parties of Maharashtra to built up a social media presence.

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