The Power of Google Keyword Planner

Keyword research is a very important phase in any SEO operation. If you do it incorrectly, all your sweats (and money) are hopeless. This is why you need a dependable keyword examination tool. For numerous years THE tool for keyword capacity research was the Free Keyword implement from Google. And it was all we desired. But this free tool is past now.

The latest tool from Google with comparable functionality ‐ Google Keyword Planner does many of the effects the ancient tool did. But unfortunately it is fit for PPC keyword inquiry than for pure SEO research. There are also other tools, for example Bing Keyword Tool, or WordTracker Keyword tool, or those paid tools. And each of them has its difficulties, as we’ll see as the following.

About Google Keyword Planner
The latest Google Keyword Planner deals greatly of the functionality of the old Free Keyword Tool from Google. And it is a far better choice than maximum of the supplementary tools. This includes the paid ones also. Well here are several benefits and difficulties of Google Keyword Planner:

1. Data originates straight from Google itself. Clearly, data is more dependable when it comes from the foundation than from a third party.

2. Countless options for local keywords is another big advantage. If you are undertaking local SEO, then you will surely like the higher potentials for local search. So you can mark your search for your small town viewers.

3. Optional keywords are collected also. This isn’t a new attachment but it’s suitable when you can see clusters of keywords as an alternative of solo keywords only. And thus you increase your website ranking as well.

These aren’t the only benefits of Google Keyword Planner, but they are solid enough to make you use it.

1. You will require an AdWords account. As the tool is not accessible individually, if you want to utilize it, you will need to make an AdWords account.

2. No wide-ranging or Idiom search. This new tool shortages a key feature ‐ the capability to search for expansives and phrase match. So your search becomes restricted to exact matches only.

3. No targeting of specific device. So you can’t optimize the search on mobiles and desktops independently.

However, although its drawbacks, Google Keyword Planner is still an improved tool than its opponents.

Simon Sinek once mentioned that, “Calm approval of risk agrees us to easily measure the circumstances and understand the options.” And there are a lot of options about keyword planning too. Mostly they aren’t much of an alternate. But they can work pretty well in some purposes too. So use those wisely when you have to study for keyword volumes.

Courtesy of: SEO News Blog Service (Inside Story)