Devumi Vs SocioBlend: Which is better and Why?

Devumi Vs. Socioblend

To reach the pinnacle and outsmart every other competition in the industry is a common motive of every small or big business. Online marketing is such a fast-growing industry, due to which selecting a particular marketing service provider is a challenging task for online businesses. Having this objective in mind which service provider will be delivering the best of services is still left with a big question mark. From so many options available which one to choose is a tough call to make. Even if one is aware of the result they expect, the doubt to pick one over the other lingers on till they go through point by point comparison.

As examples, we have these two service providers for online marketing, Devumi, and Socioblend. They both seem to share similar quality services such as social media marketing services which include the increase of followers, likes, views, subscribers on all social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and more. But there are various other factors that make them different on some levels. Although the competition is close, still who wins the race has to be concluded.

Here’s a detailed explanation by comparing few factors to simplify the process of selection for online marketers while choosing one between Devumi and Socioblend:

1. Ensured High-quality service


Devumi and Socioblend are determined to give satisfactory results to clients with a wide range of services. Both are quite confident and promising in giving the best service quality. Guaranteed results are fulfilling enough for clients with high retention views/likes. Timely delivery and continuous follow-up is an added advantage above all. Their reviews on search engines are also found to be positive. People have left a quick response about the quality they get as promised.

Winner: It’s hard to say who is better in this aspect. Will give each point to both. Devumi 1 — Socioblend 1.

2. Services being provided

Devumi primarily provides social media marketing services, whereas Socioblend also specializes and offers other essential marketing services like Link building, web designing, content writing and more, which are considered as essential tools in digital marketing. This means as a client you get to explore more tools for promotion on Socioblend. There is a much broader canvas of online business support that includes SEO (search engine optimization), PPC, Link building, Social media Optimization, website development and content writing, which obviously proves the competency of Socioblend as it has productive tools for the establishment of a brand or business.

Winner: Socioblend offers more services and packages. A clear winner here. Devumi 1 — Socioblend 2.

3. Difference in offered prices

If you check the price list of each, you will notice a noticeable difference of cost, Devumi is offering 5000 YouTube views in $37 (2403 INR) and Socioblend would offer same number of YouTube views at 520 INR which is $8. Clearly, there is a huge gap between the figures. And this difference can be noticed in other service packages too. Now some might think this would be due to some compromise in the quality or retention of views or likes. But the difference here is not in the quality, rather both seem to put client satisfaction as their foremost priority.

Winner: There is a huge price difference. Socioblend offers services cheaper than Devumi. Devumi 1 — Socioblend 3.

4. Supportive Sales team

The sales support team is working day and night to make the experience of their customer worthwhile. Devumi is quite prompt and provides support via email and Socioblend seems to take it sincerely, an expert is available 24x7 by email, phone or WhatsApp to answer and solve minor issues (if any) faced by a client. This clearly depicts the devotion of Socioblend to fix things up as their team of experts is always on toes to give the desired output.

Winner: Instant support is provided on WhatsApp only by Socioblend. Devumi 1 — Socioblend 4.

5. Convenient payment options

Devumi have successfully set-up user-friendly payment methods through Paypal, Credit card, and Bitcoin. Though these payment options are hassle-free and efficient, still Socioblend seems to have further given a thought to its Indian clients and offers Netbanking, Debit card, Paytm as payment gateways along with Paypal and credit card facility. On Socioblend you have so many possibilities for payment, especially for Indian clients, things have been simplified.

Winner: Socioblend has more payment options compared to Devumi. Devumi 1 — Socioblend 5.


Firstly, Those who are looking out for reasonable prices and good after-sales support should definitely go with the services of Socioblend as it offers high-quality service in time without any inconvenience. This doesn’t make Devumi any less in terms of services, but Socioblend’s price list is more economical on client’s pocket.

Secondly, Socioblend’s palette of services has a wide range rather its a complete solution provider for online marketers. From web designing to web promotion, from social media promotion to content writing, you get it all at one place i.e.

Lastly, Devumi is a foreign-based company and has been able to make its own place in the market yet here is an Indian based company that is equally determined to compete with some of the best names in the industry.


With modest prices, easy payment option and supreme quality assurance you can give this underdog a chance to earn its position. Yet the selection is completely dependent on the understanding and preference of an individual customer.