Obsession with more Twitter Followers explained

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Why do you need a greater number of Followers on Twitter?

This is a time where people are interested more in others’ life than their own. People browsing internet have plenty of time to kill and they will just look at anything. The more interesting the content, the more they will engage. At this point,comes the need of having a greater number of Followers. Question is why? The answer is very simple and obvious.

Human mind is very mysterious which excites with anything which stands out of the crowd or look attractive even if that is bad. Here in this case is the craze for higher number. More money, more number of cars, even a country with more Olympic medals is looked upon by millions. It’s same in the case for celebrities on internet.
 And there is a psychology, a mind-set of people that those who have more Followers on Twitter are some sort of celebrity and very popular (somewhere) even if you don’t know them. This has led to become an obsession to have more Twitter Followers.

There was a time where people would become famous only if they had done something extra-ordinary. But now, money is making people famous. Because the fan base, the audience can be bought now. “Everything’s for sale my friend” as said by Belethor in Skyrim.

Can you buy Twitter followers?

Yes, why not? Everything can be bought. But whether you should or not is a point of debate. But there are other organic ways to increase your Twitter followers.

Will it hurt your reputation if you buy Twitter followers?
 According to an article published on Yahoo many top celebrities have fake followers following them. Here are some of the celebs allegedly having fake followers:
 Dick Costello (CEO of Twitter)
 Jack Dorsey (CEO & Founder of Square, Co-Founder of Twitter)
 Evan Williams (Co-Founder of Twitter)
 Steve Case (Co-founder of AOL), 
 Pete Cashmore (Founder of Mashable)

So, when these celebrities can have fake followers and nothing seems to affect them then why can’t you?

Is it safe to buy Twitter Followers?
 I have not heard any such case where Twitter banned a user for buying followers. I mean, how can they ban a user for that? What if Mr. A has a grudge against Mr.B and he buys followers for Mr.B’s account for him to get banned by Twitter. So, this may not work according to Mr.A because that’s doesn’t work at all.
 Is it right or wrong to buy Twitter Followers?

Well, who are we to judge? That being said, there are few points to consider:

  1. Egg Profiles:
image source: Follows.com

If you are getting only egg profiles as followers then leave the thought of buying followers right there. Because even if a real person is behind an egg profile, it is considered to be a fake/bot account. There goes your reputation.

2. Location of the Followers:
 If you are a celebrity known all over the world then it is agreeable that you’ll have followers from many different countries. But what if you are an individual TV artist known locally? Do you think millions of people will follow you from unknown countries? No. So having followers from countries where you are less likely to be popular is not a good idea to begin with.

3. User engagement:
 This is a very important factor while checking the authenticity of the followers. Imagine you have 5 million followers on Twitter. Yeah, that’s right. 5 million fans keeping an eye on your every tweet. But you are receiving 100 to 150 Reweets and Favorites on an average. Quite the ratio isn’t it? The ratio looks odd and we know something is just not right here.

How much does it cost to get Twitter Followers?
 There are sites like Fiverr where you can just get anything for $5. Or if you have a big project and want a more dedicated and professional approach, you can use Freelancer.com. If you are an individual or a re-seller, you can search Google for whichever service you’re looking for and find the best provider. Twitter Ads is also a great source of advertising and increase your followers. You can buy Twitter followers from any good website showing up on Google.

If you have ever purchased Followers, let us know how your experience was. Share your thoughts in the comments section.
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