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The Best SEO Audit Tool for Scanning Your Website in 2024. RM Digital

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for driving organic traffic and ranking higher in Google search results. But with Google algorithm updates happening regularly, it’s easy for issues to sneak in that tank your site’s SEO performance.

That’s why running regular SEO audits is essential for maintaining search rankings and outranking competitors.

But what exactly is an SEO audit, what does the process involve, and which tool is best for thoroughly scanning your site?

What is an SEO Audit and Why Do You Need It?

An SEO audit is a systematic review and analysis of your website’s overall health to uncover technical problems and content issues that impact your organic search visibility and rankings.

Running audits checks all the crucial on-page and off-page ranking factors that Google uses to determine where to rank your site in search results.

Specifically, an SEO analysis identifies major problems like:

  • Keyword cannibalization issues dragging rankings down
  • Slow page speed hurting performance
  • Low word counts failing to satisfy algorithm updates
  • Thin content with low engagement metrics
  • Broken backlinks damaging authority
  • Security threats like hacked scripts

The audit process crawls your entire site using automated audit tools to find these problems.

It then generates reports detailing the specific issues that must be fixed — along with actionable recommendations to resolve them.

Fixing these critical issues discovered from your SEO analysis leads to:

  • 📈 Higher organic rankings and visibility
  • 🚀 More search traffic to your site
  • 💰 Increased conversions and revenue

That’s why regularly running SEO audits with the best tools is key for boosting your performance.

Manual vs Automated Audits

In the early days of SEO, audits were conducted manually by going page-by-page and checking metrics. But this was extremely slow and inefficient when dealing with large sites.

Thankfully, today advanced SEO analyzer tools fully automate the audit process to save you time. They use website crawlers and bots to scan your full site rapidly.

Automated SEO tools check substantially more pages (often 1 million+) and metrics than is humanly possible. The crawlers detect issues that users would likely miss during a manual review.

Many tools like Site Audit Pro combine automated crawling scans with manual analysis features. This strikes the right balance for comprehensive SEO checking.

You get the power and scale of automated audits, along with the precision control of manual inspections.

Key SEO Metrics Analyzed During an Audit

Advanced SEO tools analyze a wide array of crucial on-page and off-page ranking factors during a site scan, like:

On-Page Optimization Metrics

  • ✅ URL Structure — evaluates site architecture
  • ✅ Title Tags and Meta Descriptions — checks optimization
  • ✅ Header Usage — proper outline structure
  • ✅ Content and Media — word count, engagement
  • ✅ Internal Linking — site navigability
  • Page Speed — site performance

Off-Page Optimization Metrics

  • 🔗 Total Backlinks — referral metrics
  • 🔗 Referring Domains — diversity
  • 📈 Rankings for Target Keywords — checks position
  • 👥 Social Metrics — shares, followers

Plus many more like indexability issues, security threats, ads placement, structured data, and site search optimization.

Having visibility into all these key SEO data points is crucial for diagnosing issues hurting performance.

And the very best tool for checking all these metrics is…

The Top 7 SEO Audit Tools Compared

We thoroughly reviewed over 25+ SEO analysis tools and narrowed it down to the top 7 contenders:

As you can see, each SEO crawler tool has its particular strengths and weaknesses. Next, we’ll analyze the pros and cons of each in detail to determine the #1 solution.

1. Ahrefs

Background: Founded in 2011, Ahrefs is likely the most well-known SEO toolkit loved by digital marketers.

Key Features:

✅ Checks 1 billion+ webpages ✅ Full backlink analysis ✅ Rich keyword explorer data ❌ Limited technical/speed checks
❌ No comprehensive audit reporting

Pricing: $99/mo — $999/mo

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is another leading SEO and digital marketing analytics platform used by over 500,000 organizations globally.

Key Features:

✅ Powerful rank tracking ✅ Backlink analysis
✅ Marketing workflow automation ❌ No full technical/page speed audits ❌ Requires other tools for scans

Pricing: $99.95/mo — $449.95/mo

3. Moz Pro

Trusted by over 600,000 marketers, Moz Pro (formerly Moz Analytics) is a robust SEO toolset for optimizing search visibility.

Key Features:

✅ Historical ranking data ✅ Link metrics focused ✅ Some page optimization checks ❌ Limited page speed/technical checks
❌ No full front-end audits

Pricing: $99/mo

4. Screaming Frog

This niche crawler bot is designed specifically for auditing and analyzing up to 500,000 pages per site.

Key Features:

✅ Fast and flexible crawler
✅ Downloads structured site data ❌ Very limited analysis/metrics ❌ No optimization recommendations

Pricing: $148+ per year

5. Sitebulb

Sitebulb strikes a balance between bots and insights with competitive metrics.

Key Features:

✅ Backlink analysis
✅ Page optimization checks
✅ Clever site comparison reports ❌ Maximum 500 URL crawl limit
❌ No full technical audits

Pricing: $47+/mo

6. Botify

Botify creates detailed audit reports tailored to enterprise SEO needs.

Key Features:

✅ Billions of URLs crawled ✅ Custom reporting options ✅ Data visualizations
❌ Very expensive overkill for small sites

Pricing: Custom quotes

7. Site Audit Pro by

Our top choice all-in-one solution is Site Audit Pro created by expert technologist and internationally certified SEO agency owner, Razak Musah.

It combines automated crawler scans up to 1 million URLs with precision manual analysis tools to audit your full website quickly and accurately.

Key Features:

✅ Crawls 1+ million pages
✅ Checks ALL crucial ranking factors
✅ Automated + manual analysis
✅ Fast and easy setup
✅ Detail-rich performance reports ✅ Identifies high-priority issues
❌ Can’t handle extremely large enterprise sites

Pricing: $XX/mo

And the Best SEO Audit Tool is…

After extensive testing of 25+ analyzer tools, we determined Site Audit Pro is hands-down the most comprehensive and affordable SEO audit solution available.

It crawls and checks every single on-page and off-page metric that impacts search visibility. So you get full diagnostics identifying high priority problems that require immediate fixing.

The crawler is extremely fast, scanning sites under 1 million pages in under 30 minutes in our tests.

And the SEO reports it generates are incredibly detailed and actionable, outlining the specific optimizations needed to boost organic traffic.

Site Audit Pro also strikes the perfect balance between automated bot crawling and manual analysis flexibility. So audits are both fast AND accurate.

The desktop dashboard and mobile app also make it easy to monitor site health from anywhere.

And pricing starts at only $XX/month for the Pro plan, which is very affordable compared to tools like Ahrefs costing over $99/month.

In summary, Site Audit Pro comes highly recommended as delivering the most thorough SEO audits for the best value.

The actionable insights will take your website’s performance to the next level!

Start Growing Your Organic Traffic Today

As you can see, regularly running comprehensive SEO audits is mandatory to sustain strong Google rankings and traffic numbers.

Issues inevitably creep in over time that cause sites to lose visibility and search real estate. That’s why ongoing optimization through audits is key.

The best tool for accurate, actionable, and affordable website scans is Site Audit Pro. See how it can help uncover critical problems holding your rankings back today.



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