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My company, 3000 Records was recently defamed on a site called Ripoff Report. This website allows anonymous people to post bad things about other people and companies. Then, for a large sum of money they will agree to have the content adjusted.

Isn’t this called extortion?

I have read price can go as high as 5 figures to have content adjusted or removed.

It seems that any person can essentially use this website to severely hurt another person’s reputation, or hurt the reputation of their business. This site also appears to operate as a “guilty until proven innocent” forum.

However, even if a person or company steps up to defend themselves they are given a huge disadvantage by having their response posted in a way that is easily dismissed.

Of course, defamation is illegal. Posting false information about someone can result in major consequences when a defendant takes the abuser court.

First, I was going to respond directly on the web site where it was posted on Ripoff Report, owned by a man named Ed Magedson.

However, after some research I learned that if I did post a response, then I would have to agree to his unfair terms and conditions. In addition, the post will likely rank higher in Google if I respond, giving it more exposure in search results.

Unless someone finally steps in and legally shuts down this corrupt business, and these extortion practices, reviews like this one remain on their site.

The anonymous review about my company:

“They asked me to be on a compilation album everything seemed cool at first and then i paid the money to be a part of it then all of the sudden everything changed. and they went as far as to tell ME THAT I DID’NT CONTACT THEM BACK! they then went on to making personal attacks on me. They also added me to their email spamming list to annoy me even more. what ever, if they aproch you for a record deal its probably just bs don’t take the bait.” — Anonymous

Since every indication shows that this review was an intentional malicious attack using Ripoff Report anonymously, we can confidently say that the statements made are 100% false.

While breaking down the review, I realized that this doesn’t even make sense for many reasons. For example:

(1) Someone has to actually request info. through our website to participate in our Co-op compilation CDs. We don’t directly ask anyone to sign up except in a rare occasion that we know them already, or sponsor them (for no charge).

(2) People who subscribe to our email list add themselves, and do so freely when they request info. from us using our subscription form. Subscribers may also unsubscribe anytime.

(3) If someone decides to sign up for our service, they are immediately sent a receipt to their inbox. We offer a 100% money back guarantee and this is stated clearly on our website (I feel this is good for everyone). However, I do not understand why someone would post a review like this, when they could have made a phone call or sent an email to get a guaranteed refund.

(4.) This anonymous reviewer did not even contact me to resolve any issue (our paying customers are usually in touch regularly, as we work with them directly).

(5) With 475+ artists and bands worldwide, who have participated worldwide on our compilations over the course of 22 years, we have received positively honest feedback. However, we do not offer record deals. This is clearly mentioned on our web site, and also our response to those who asks via email or phone. We do not “approach” anyone regarding a record deal either. The anonymous Ripoff Report reviewer writing, “what ever, if they aproch you for a record deal its probably just bs” shows that this person does not even understand what we actually do.

Note: The 475+ artists and bands who have participated in our project(s) are listed on CDs we have released with great music from around the world. Feel free to ask them if the review on Ripoff Report makes any sense to them.

My Response To The Reviewer:

Dear Reviewer,

Since I do not know who you are, I cannot personally reach out to you other than posting a response online. However, I have decided not to respond on the Ripoff Report site for good reason.

I carefully researched the Ripoff Report web site and how it works. It appears the site owner and his company have directly and indirectly hurt many good people, and reputable businesses. This was after seeing post after post and tons of complaints about Ripoff Report on reputable sites. This includes the Better Business Bureau website, where Ripoff Report has an F Rating. That’s just the beginning of what can be found with a basic web search about this corrupt web site often used by business competitors, or other people with bad intentions.

While no legitimate complaint should be without resolution, we offer a 100% money back guarantee with each of our services. Absolutely, if you had placed an order with us, you would be entitled to the same 100% money back guarantee that we have honored and continue to honor.

We highly value every customer and rely on word of mouth. In fact, we have seen our services grow organically over the years as a direct result!

Note: Any emails we send out are to subscribers (people who subscribed) only. However, there is an “unsubscribe” link located at the bottom our emails. We are also able to unsubscribe anyone manually if they ask.

Of course, the reviewer was never “personally attacked”. As mentioned already, we do not even know who wrote the review, and have not done this to anyone at any time, ever.

We have made every reasonable effort to reach out and try to provide accurate information. Unfortunately, the anonymous author seems unwilling, and is unable to remove the defamatory comments.

NOTE: Ripoff Report does not allow reviewers to remove defamatory content. They continue to profit from site advertisers and alleged extortion practices.

As this is still unresolved, we regretfully may have no choice but to pursue this matter in the courts. We work consistently to provide reliable customer service while being available by phone and email. I am available at (586) 480–3000 and



Terrance D. Schemansky

3000 Records

Ph: (586) 480–3000

P.S. Legitimate 3000 Records reviews and testimonials including names can be seen at (these are copied and pasted customer reviews and testimonials for over a decade, directly from emails received).

“The Christian should never have to put others down in order to feel good about himself. Instead, he can simply check out the media’s insistent portrayal of Christianity and feel grateful that he isn’t as deceived as the masses who really swallow the garbage. Ignorance is ultimately how people put themselves down, and the mere Christian who knows what entails the mere Christian is ultimately free from such.” — Criss Jami, Killosophy

“Having a good conscience, so that, when you are slandered, those who revile your good behavior in Christ may be put to shame.” — 1 Peter 3:16 (ESV)




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