Misconceptions About Digital Marketing Strategy

“Digital marketing is not free and cost-effective! — It is a two-way communication and productive. It converts your efforts into sales.”

This is ever growing and emerging field; therefore it makes digital marketing susceptible to misconceptions. People become influenced; make the wrong decision and take harmful steps in digital marketing strategy. Here I have made a list of 14 misconceptions regarding digital marketing strategy that maybe you also believe, and It provides an idea to take your products and brands to a higher marketing platform. Let’s check and test yourselves: if it is beneficial for you and grows your business in the market!!

  • Making a strategy to make more traffic and think more traffic-> website gets the better

->We all know that getting traffic for a particular website is very important to get high rank for the website.

  • But it should be right traffic. It means the traffic should be coming from the targeted audience.
  • My business is not so much impressive for digital marketing

->People believe that why I use digital marketing? They think that consumer only has interest in the good and impressive product.

  • But this is not true. Now a day people search everything on the internet from toothbrush to nightwear and from clip to gadgets.
  • Digital marketing can’t generate sales directly

Thinking is like that, digital marketing directly generate leads not sales. When you get leads and so your website ranked on a search engine.