Fire Safety Issues of Residential and Office Buildings in Cosmopolitan Cities | Fire India 2017

Often it is seen that Fire safety requirements are not as well maintained and strictly followed in residential buildings in cosmopolitan cities as they are in office complexes. This is because cost is a major deciding factor when it comes to improving Fire Safety Measures in buildings. And residents, at times, run away from spending more than what is absolutely necessary to keep their building safe. Also, fire safety drills are easier to do in offices where people are more likely to collect in one place and listen to a given set of instructions. This is not always possible in a housing apartment complex when folks have a choice to attend or bunk such a session.

First and foremost, one should know the fire exits of your building. Take the case of New York. Buildings in this city are rated either fire-proof or non-fireproof. If it has materials like brick, poured concrete and metal and no wood in it, it usually falls in into the first category. Thus, in the event of a fire in a non fireproof building, there is no option except to evacuate the building. In the case of a fireproof building, one needs to leave only if the fire is in your apartment.

However, if you are close to the fire, one needs to do some decision-making about this aspect. Nonetheless, if the fire is far from you, it could be that there is no need for you to evacuate. It is totally true that for all people living in high-rises, nothing else compares to vertical living — after all they have the apartments with fantastic views, good locations and onsite facilities and great service at the door.

But, sadly, a lot many such blessed people are not aware of fire safety, an issue which they must never neglect. Rule number one in this regard is all residents must familiarize themselves with the exact layout plan of their buildings. The exact location of Fire Alarms, exits and stairwells must be known. Fire safety also means children and even pets must be guarded around flame points and electricity — more so during festivities with twinkling fairy lights and candles et al. Smoke alarms are essential outside all bedrooms and living rooms. It is also necessary to get them tested at frequent and regular intervals for usage and have their batteries replaced after every six months. Precautions like unplugging electrical cords, when not in use, are also a must. Be fire safe, at all times, is the magic mantra to follow…………………………..

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