10 Tips to Remember When Caught In a Fire Outbreak | Fire India 2017

When there is a fire outbreak you do not have much time to ponder on your actions. In split seconds, a whole building might be engulfed with smokes and flames. It is very vital you have some Safety Tips on how you can get yourself or others to safety in the event of a Fire Outbreak. In most of the cases of fire outbreak, it is the smoke and toxic gasses that get people killed. Inhaling a minute amount of smoke or poisonous gas might make you so dizziness and lose your balance. It is very important you have some safety tips at your fingertips for survival in the event of fire outbreak. Below are some of the tips that might help you in the event of a fire Outbreak.

  • Most building normally has an emergency fire exit, the need for you to find the location of all these emergency exits.
  • Locate the nearest Fire Extinguisher, remove the knob and carry it along while moving towards the exit, it might be very useful.
  • Upon locating the emergency exit crawl low to avoid heavy smoke and poisonous gasses when moving towards the emergency exit
  • If there is a smoke blocking your way to the emergency exit, use another exit
  • Before opening any door on your way to the exit make sure you feel the door knob.if the knob is hot do not open. find another way out
  • While opening any closed door, be ready to lock it as soon as you notice any smoke.
  • Consider an escape ladder if you’re the building has one
  • In the case of an open fire in an open space, immediately you notice the fire outbreak, run as fast as possible away from the source of the fire, there is the likelihood of a dominion effect.
  • If you can’t get out of the building, close the doors, windows, and vents. Seal any small opening beside the door or window with cloth heavily soaked with water.
  • Call a nearby fire fighting department for rescue.

All the tips given above are easier said than done. The best way to master all these is to practice your fire escape plan regularly. This will give you a leverage in the event of a fire outbreak.

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