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It’s a common knowledge today that SEO or search engine optimization is today the best way to establish and enhance your online presence and one of the most interesting way to achieve it is through big data. A little complicated to grasp at first, it proves highly profitable ultimately. Its importance can be understood by the fact that many companies that have created search engines including Google are themselves big data companies. Big data can harness massive amount of data easily to infer automatically and help you get the best outcome for your business. For best SEO, it needs to be analyzed efficiently and then implemented. It helps SEO target the exact client type you are looking to appeal.

Big Data-Explained

Let’s first understand what exactly big data is. In general, it is an endeavour towards collecting, processing and analyzing massive sets of data to refine and improve the company’s approach to making better decisions. Several reasons have led to big data becoming a major part of decision making in recent times. Few of them are:

  • Institutional data is fast becoming standard due to the growing societal acceptance of transparency.
  • Companies can easily combine big data and SEO for a more unique and appealing website to help improve your inline presence.
  • More avenues get available for analyzing unique and distinct data.
  • More data can easily be aggregated by the social media platforms.
  • Not only can any business improve the migration of local data to the cloud but data stored in the cloud is also better and easily accessible to all concerned. This results in better aggregation and ultimately high-quality results.
  • It makes available the necessary infrastructure to process large amounts of data.

Amidst all major big data companies and organizations, Google is believed to be the pioneer of it and thus it is easy to surmise its major impact and influence on search.

Correlations between Big Data and SEO

Emergence of big data has rapidly and dramatically affected the promotional world as well as achieving an awesome SEO. It has become the central facet and the key to optimizing and improving SEO for several reasons. Few of the ways, big data is changing SEO are :

  • Content is becoming data at an exponential rate

Generally content is nothing more than words strung together in an easy-to-understand format to form published information. However, emerging as a major curator of big data, Google has given content an entirely new perspective i.e. content is now viewed as a quantifiable entity.

This transformation of content into data have made it easy for search engines to analyze it better and improve the results of delivering better answers to people’s queries on search engines. Consequently, search engines became more and more structured. After the new semantic update from Google, search engines have become better equipped at recognizing local search packs and even more nuanced search inquiries.

Executives from SEO Inc. state that being search marketers and search engine optimization experts, they have to maintain steps with the ever quick learning curve set by Google. By transforming content into data and creating various analysis tools which include intelligence data as well for better understanding and learning, Google’s big data has emerged as the ultimate experiment to get relevant results in semantic terms.

  • Custom Analytics have become more precise and accurate

Since, the desired outcome of any SEO campaign is increased conversions; it’s understandable why analytics like traffic, conversions, page views etc. have become vital in deconstructing the correlations between the sales element and all other dynamics of traffic.

Using varied analytics suites like Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools etc.; SEOs can easily view and understand the placement of their own web content in the larger network of content data. This helps them make adjustments to improve their unique performance. Using analytics it is very easy to track various elements like clicks, time on page, backlinks, conversions and all other important search factors constituting the big data of search.

  • Big Data offers deep SEO insights

The move of Google and other search engines of converting content into quantifiable data have made it extremely easy for most marketers to draw vital insights from the data. It’s only because of big data that SEOs can easily track and analyze keywords, backlinks, on-page optimization and all other important aspects of SEO which optimizes its efforts like the –

  • Local SEO
  • Mobile optimization
  • Compliance with quality guidelines
  • Global SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Rankings

Social media data is undoubtedly another treasure-trove of big data insights. Today, Facebook flaunts over 1 billion users; Twitter has over 500 million users and web hosts flaunts 156 million public blogs looking to network on these platforms. With the social media giving big data to process over 20 petabytes of data to process annually, Google can no longer ignore it and it has become an important metrics for Google rankings. The social media traffic is now easily correlated with relevance to form an important part of Google metrics. Thus, big data have benefited those SEOs immensely who are focusing to create the best content on social media as well.

Top Ways SEO Companies are Using Big Data to Improve their Services

Undoubtedly, big data has emerged as the ultimate tool for SEO companies to improve their services. Through it, the companies can easily isolate and zoom on to specific data and even separate useful from non-useful data. Again, from the vast data points given, big data allows you to change and focus on the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are being valued by your company. Through big data, it is extremely easy for the companies to create a 360 degree view of the customer purely from a search perspective. This becomes especially fruitful if SEO is a major part of your digital strategy. Ultimately, big data helps you find patterns in your SEO data that helps you vastly improve the user experience for your targeted clients. Ultimately it improves your overall operation and thus your resultant ROI.

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