Honey Pets Salons for Pug Puppies

Like most people, you’ve probably heard time and again that if you have kids; you should adopt a Pug puppy. The rationale is that an adult shelter dog is an unknown quantity, so buying or adopting a Pug puppy is safer. Actually, the opposite is closer to the truth. Pug Puppies are not usually a great choice with kids; they have very limited control over their biting/mouthing impulses, and when you mix that with lots of energy and unbelievably sharp little teeth, it’s a recipe for your small fry to be in tears. 
Puppies are tiny chewing machines and can destroy a favorite stuffed animal or security blanket in short order. Adult dogs, on the other hand, are generally calmer, and their personalities are already fully developed and on display. When you meet an adult dog, you can see how they are with kids and with other animals. This takes the guesswork out of wondering how a puppy will turn out as a full-grown dog. 
The Pug Puppies needs daily exercise, either in the form of a lively game or a moderate walk on leash. He does not do well in heat and humidity and should not be kept outdoors. He needs minimal coat care but daily cleaning of facial wrinkles. His smooth coat needs only occasional brushing to remove dead hairs; however, the wrinkles need regular cleaning and drying to prevent skin infections. At Honey Pets we truly are a step above the rest when it comes to pampering your Pug Puppies. If you need please contact us. Honey pets operate 4 fully equipped mobile grooming salons, we park at your curbside and all the grooming is performed inside our vans. For more information visit the site http://www.puppiesinflorida.com/ .

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