Housebreaking a Schnauzer Puppy

A Schnauzer Puppies are very curious in nature and is eager to examine and sniff everything that is new to him. After he leaves the kennel where his mother and littermates are, he is normally confused or even terrified in an environment completely new to him. He may whine for his mother at night. It is crucial that you as his new family help your Schnauzer puppy started.

Show your puppy where his food and water are placed. Select an area in the kitchen or utility room where it is convenient for you and safely accessible by your puppy. Make sure chemicals and cleaners are out of reach by him. Feed your puppy the same food he was having at the kennel at least for a week in order to avoid sudden changes in diet and the stress that comes with all the many changes.

Never leave your puppy home alone during the first few days after acquiring him, or he might develop a feeling of abandonment. If this happens, your puppy will probably take out his frustrations by whining or barking, and if this fails to bring your attention, he might begin chewing on things within his grasp. If the problem is not corrected, it is likely to develop into a long term behavioral problem.

When you’re new Schnauzer Puppies whines or barks at night, do not pick him up immediately. Instead, go to his basket or crate, pet the puppy as you speak in a soothing tone and calm him down until he seems comfortable enough to be left alone sleeping again.

Give your puppy a name that is easy to say and probably with no more than two syllables. Each time you speak to your puppy, use his name in a normal tone of voice. Use your puppy’s name before you give a command. Your Schnauzer puppy, being an intelligent breed, should quickly get used to his name.

It is also possible to housebreak your Schnauzer puppy by confining him to his crate after meals. Dogs don’t like to soil their dens. Line the crate with fresh newspaper and put in a soft towel. Replace the soiled newspaper immediately and change fresh towels whenever they get wet.

Your Schnauzer puppy should normally be housebroken in about a week. There will be occasional lapses which are normal, but your Schnauzer’s capacity to hold his urine and stools will increase as he matures. Avoid corporal punishment as it often makes your new puppy fearful of you and humans in general.

Houebreaking is an early training process and the laying down of house rules. Without proper housebreaking, or when punishments are involved in housebreaking your Schnauzer puppy, it is likely that he will develop abandoned feelings which, at worst, turn into a long-term behavioral issue. Housebreaking is the best achieved with love, not fear! It is your golden moments of bonding and getting to know each other. A mild oral reprimand delivered in a firm voice in consistent attitude will work. At Honey Pets you can get any more information about Schnauzer Puppies, so if you need you can contact us, for more information visit the site .

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