Machine Learning Examples

The concept of machine learning has been in use for over 50 years. It involves the concept of applying algorithms to the machines to find the hidden insights and bring out the best reliable results. The most common Machine Learning Examples that are used in our daily lives are face recognition, self driving Google car, fraud detection, pattern recognition, market pricing models, social listening applications etc. With the increasing trend of digital technology, machine learning has also become a major part. Basically It sector has developed significant interest in machine learning based technology as its environment is software defined and it is also producing large volume of results in real time.

With the increasing complexities of computer based technology, machine learning has gained huge importance over a specific period of time. It recognizes the complex patterns and provides the data on the basis of the input which is too much complex for a human to understand. There are many examples of it that we can easily relate to our daily life. Like speech recognition, it is not like Google has some supernatural powers so it is able to recognize what you are saying and translate it in words. This happens all because of machine learning. Every action is triggered by some specific demands and programs. Another common example is Face recognition. Nowadays Facebook can easily recognize your picture and asks to tag that friend, all because of this adaptive technology.

Machine learning algorithms helps to provide the next piece for puzzle for any monitoring tool by extracting the data out of them and putting it all together at a single place to create a single pane of glass solution. It complements the monitoring tools and provides root cause analysis and helps in detecting incoming alerts. IT environment is dynamic in nature and it keeps on adapting new technology just in a small period of time. Even the search engine uses this technology and is able to translate 100 languages with so much ease.

Machine learning is a ground breaking technology and has numerous benefits. Machine Learning Examples are all we see and use in our day to day life. Machine learning tools can fix any problem much quicker than human based on the data in the software. Some of our queries are fixed just in few seconds all because of advancement of this technology and it is just going to be adapted more and more in coming years.