Top Benefits of a Fully-Integrated Transportation Management System

  • Integrate with enterprise-level accounting applications
  • Offer a central hub for dealing with load, carrier, and customer information
  • Eliminate manual data entry and re-entry and common dispatcher mistakes
  • Maintain operational visibility at a moment’s notice
  • Boost collaboration through multiple modes of communication
  • Track and manage load in real-time from a user-friendly dashboard
  • Create industry-standard custom reports
  • Generate load board and carrier board details in real-time
  • Add an additional layer of security with custom user access
  • Double brokering and LFT
  • Track load via GPS in real-time
  • Upload proof of delivery documents, such as POD, carrier information, and other critical documents
  • Chat with dispatchers on a group or one-on-one basis to get instant and real-time updates on loads and carriers.
  • Access and print rate confirmation and driver settlement report instantly with advanced reporting feature.
  • Connect with quality loads and reloads on load board.




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