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Economy & Premium Paper Hand Towels seem to everywhere online so we have decided to offer value and quality with our range of hand towels!! Our quality C Fold Green and Blue are manufactured under contract by one of the leading manufacturers in the UK! Using the finest 40gsm tissue and a light embossing you can be sure of quality! Our C Fold white and Interfold green and blue are imported from Italy so quality is guaranteed! With our 2ply White C fold we have a recycled and pure tissue option, both of very high quality; if you want the extra comfort then the pure tissue hand towel is the one for you! Our best quality hand towel comes in a zig zag patterned I Fold 2ply White, code 1095 and packed in 3150’s you wont be disappointed — call us for a sample!

C Fold Hand Towels

4 Options form our traditional C Fold Paper Hand Towels including the most popular 1ply Green & Blue option. C Fold towels are designed to be dispensed from wall mounted units as a folded, single sheet per time. Each towel then should be opened for maximum efficiency as if not unfolded then you may use too many towels per hand dry. We have a 2ply white C Fold option in recycled & for luxury we offer a pure tissue towel.

V Fold Paper Hand Towels

V fold, I Fold, Interfold or Interleaved paper hand towels are a few names known for this single folded paper towel. Each towel is dispensed as an open towel offering maximum efficiency & keeps waste to a minimum. Available in 1 ply Green or Blue & also in 2ply White recycled or Pure tissue options. We also have a dissolveable 2ply paper towel that idssolves in water making it perfect for problem areas in city centres where blocked drains are a huge problem. Flushable paper hand towels are also a perfect for Care homes & Schools as they are quite often thrown down the toilets.

Z Fold Paper Hand Towels

Very similar in use as a V Fold paper towel which has 1 fold per towel, Z Fold offer 2 folds per towel and are still interleaved & are served open when dispensed. You may find that if your towels are a tight fit for your dispenser then you may have V Fold when Z Fold is narrower and may fit neater to dispense easier.

Sample Paper Hand Towels

If your just not sure what towels for your dispenser then we can alwys send a few towels to you to try as we’re sure to have a towel to suit your needs.

Roller Paper Hand Towels

At we offer Bay West Dispensing systems incuding Microfold Paper Towels & Bay West Opti-serv Roller hand towels. We have a variety of options to suit all washrooms & kitchens form high use areas like hotel kitchens to luxury washrooms in golf clubs & office areas. With our Opti-serv each paper towel is auto cut to size when dispensed which leave every towel as open and ready to use. Each dispenser has a stub roll option so that you never have to run out of paper towels ever again.

FREE Paper Hand Towel Dispensers

All Bay West Dispensers are supplied FREE on loan to end users only. You simply just need to order the product from! call 0151 342 2111 for details.

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