Best SEO Videos

Video tutorials are a good way to learn about the topic you are interested. Various SEO experts have shared their opinion and advice on SEO and SEO techniques that can help you improve your business in terms of optimization. In this article, we will suggest some of the best SEO videos to help you understand and apply different SEO strategies.

What Should I Put on the Homepage?

In this video, Rand Fishkin from Moz suggests how your homepage should look like. Generally, people treat homepages as the most important pages and consequently they would want to promote everything on the homepage while including as much keywords as possible. However, Rand Fishkin explains how old ways are changing and what best practices are for optimizing your homepage in 2014. He also suggests an ordering for different segments on a homepage.

Creating an SEO strategy (with Webmaster Tools!)

This is a short tutorial on how to create an SEO strategy using Google tools such as Webmaster Tool and Google Analytics. Maile Ohye uses a mock company to explain how to set up a plan, goals and create a strategy that will be effective. The tutorial is especially suitable for SEO beginners as it explains in layman terms the whole process of creating SEO strategy.

Are pages from social media sites ranked differently?

Google’s expert Matt Cutts talks about how social signals affect the search engine algorithm. This is a very important aspect of search engine optimization as the number of users on social networks is constantly increasing. The amount of content shared via social media is significant, judging from the statistics, so it is important to understand how these social sharing affect your ranking.

How To Prioritize Issues After an SEO Website Audit

Jon Henshaw, co-founder of Raven Tools, explains what do to after you have conducted an SEO website audit. Website audit will help you discover issues on your website in terms of error pages, broken links or images, and similar issues. He suggests how to approach solving these issues and how you should set priorities in the process of fixing the issues after the audit.

The Power of Three: Content Marketing + SEO + Social Media

This video deals with an approach that combines content marketing, search engine optimization and social media in the process of optimization of your website. Even though these three are separate areas, they do overlap in certain aspects. Furthermore, modern marketing and new updates demand integration of all three in order to get maximum positive impact online.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is an important part of SEO strategy. Therefore, watch this video to learn the basics of content marketing and ways it can have a positive influence on your website ranking and conversions.

Google On Page SEO Tips & Strategies

Watch this video to learn about techniques you can apply in order to optimize your website. SEO tips and strategies include a set of useful actions you can implement on your own website in order to improve the position in the search engines results.

2014 SEO Tips To Future Proof Your SEO

In this video you can find out some basic tips to ensure that your website is optimized. The video focuses on the essential aspects in the purpose of search engine optimization, such as meta data, mobile optimization, the usage of sitemaps or blogs, tips related to content you publish on your website, etc. The SEO tips in this video will guide you through the optimization that will raise both ranking and credibility of your website.

Guidelines for Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are being reduces in the purpose of limiting spammy content. In order to find out about the guidelines for creating rich snippets and using those information in the purpose of improving ranking, while you reduce the chances of being consider as spam, you should watch this video with practical tips.

Mobile SEO Tips For Everyone – Filmed on an iPad 2

Having in mind that the usage of mobile devices for accessing the Internet is on the raise, this can have a great impact on your website in terms of search engine optimization. It is high time that you learned how to optimize your website for mobile devices. These tips are necessary in order to take advantage of great number of mobile users.

Optimize the top mobile tasks on your site

Learn how mobile users behave and what they expect when they visit a website via a mobile device. Mobile optimization has several parts that starts with analyzing the insight related to mobile users and ways you can improve user workflow. The video is a part of a series of videos about mobile optimization and practices you should be using to create a website that will provide a good user experience for all the users regardless of the device they use to reach your website.

2014 Digital Marketing Trends

This video lays out some of the most important statistics related to digital marketing trends for the year 2014, which include growing importance of content marketing, mobile internet usage, location-based marketing and social media marketing. Development of each of these areas of digital marketing is necessary in order to keep up with the current trends and successful practices.

Lesson 1: The State of Search: SEO & Content Marketing – Ecommerce University

The first lesson in the series about e-commerce content marketing introduces the state of search results and channels that enable users to reach a certain website, including organic, paid, email, social, etc. This video explains each of these channels, and the course continues with the instructions on how to optimize content and improve content marketing of e-commerce website.

How to Grow Your Email List: Intro to Email Marketing Crash Course

Learn why you should avoid buying email lists, and how to implement effective ways to grow the email list. Two most effective ways to obtain emails of the users who are in fact interested in your company, and are most likely to become your customers include increasing traffic and conversions.

Best practices and common mistakes in SEO

At Google’s office hour hangout, three experts talk about SEO tips and how to improve the website’s visibility in the search engine results. The hangout focuses on three topics, which include mobile configuration, multi-regional and multilingual sites and monitoring sites for spam.

What are some myths about SEO?

There are a lot of SEO myths out there that might be having a negative effect on the website’s performance and ranking. This video focuses on the most common myths, such as negative effects of ads, adopting different strategies and hoping to solve problems with the websites instantly, etc.

Google Analytics Platform Principles – Lesson 1.2 The platform components

Understand Google Analytics components in order to optimize the usage of this platform. This video focuses on the four major components and it will be helpful for implementing Google Analytics into your SEO strategy. Since collecting and analyzing data can affect different parts of your business, regardless of the size of the company and type of business activity, this tool is one of the most helpful tools you can use. This video shows is a part ofGoogle Analytics Platform Principles Course that is designed to show you how to use Google Analytics to collect and process data, configure the platform and generate custom reports.

8 Ways to Find Great Social Media Content

Mari Smith talks about content as the major components of social media. Get acquainted with content curation and how to find great content to share on social media. The reasons why curation of content is important and helpful is that allows you to stay informed and to establish your online authority as an expert on the specific topic. Ultimately, this will help you build up the relationship with your customers.

22 Brilliant Social Media Marketing Tips

Since social media can help you generate traffic and increase virality of your website, this can significantly improve the ranking of your website in the search engine results. This video focuses on 22 tips on how to use social media to improve your business, including developing relationship with customers, advertising and identifying your target audience.

Using Sitemaps to help Google find content hosted on your site

Find out why sitemaps are important and how they affect Google’s process of indexing websites and displaying search results. Besides the importance, this video shows you how to upload a sitemap using Google Webmaster Tools.

How to use Keyword Planner

This video introduces keyword planner and its major features that can be used to get keyword ideas, see historical statistics and view the potential performance of those keyword. As a result, this kind of analysis will help you create a keyword list or even several lists that can be used in advertising or optimization of content on your website, which includes text content, images, as well as videos.

Technical Website Audit Guide For SEO

Explore the technical elements of SEO audit of a website. The tips include hosting server and server issues, robots.txt, sitemap status, HTML validator, Google Analytics code, etc. A successful SEO audit helps you focus on all of these website features and find ways to improve the website’s performance through improving any of these elements. The purpose of SEO audit is to detect the elements that might be harming your ranking, and this video shows you the most important elements you should focus on in order to examine the most relevant metrics.

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