4 Basic Requirements to choose a professional scaffolding contracting company

Scaffolding is part of the essential temporary structures that will have to be constructed on a building site as it helps with the ease of construction especially if you are constructing storey buildings. It can be defined as a temporary structure that is erected on the outside part of a building. Scaffolding can be made with metal poles or wooden planks. Workmen make use of scaffolding while in the process of cleaning, repairing or building. There are contractors that specialise in scaffolding and this article will enlighten you on what to look out for when choosing a professional scaffolding contractor for your building project and EPDC is great.

Choosing a professional scaffolding contractor

These are the basic factors that you will need to look out for before you decide on which scaffolding contractor to make use of for your building project:

1. Safety: how safe is the scaffolding that has been constructed on your building site? It is essential for you to know how safe a scaffolding contractor constructed the scaffolding. Was the scaffolding built in accordance with the rules and regulations that are in place for the construction of scaffolding? Safety is a tool that cannot be ignored by anyone because it could lead to the loss of lives. To ensure the safety of lives, scaffolding should be constructed and inspected by an expert before it should be made use of.

2. Training: engaging the services of a professional is essential most especially when it comes to services that could put the health and lives of people in danger. Scaffolding is one essential temporary structure that is needed on a site where storey buildings are constructed but, it is, however, important for you to ensure that the professional scaffolding contractor that you are engaging his services has undergone proper training that will not put the lives of people in jeopardy.

3. Insurance: it is of grave necessity that the professional scaffolding contractor is a firm that has proper insurance that has to do with scaffolding in place because of any accidental happenings that might occur on the building construction site. Public Liability Insurance is the type of insurance that a professional scaffolding contracting firm should have so as to ensure that the lives of people and property are safe and out of danger because the insurance company will indemnify you in the case of any loss — whether that of life or property.

4. Expertise: the expertise of the professional company is another factor that will help you determine on the firm to engage its services because there are situations when the scaffolding will have to be erected on terrains that are not smooth which will lead to your needing the input of an expert that will make things easier. One of the factors that help make a firm an expert at what it does is the years of experience that the firm has put in with regard to that field and in this case the building of scaffolding.

EPCD will always ensure that other factors like health, budget, construction type are all considered while building the temporary scaffolding required on your building site.

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