Web Designer versus Graphic Designer

Today, Web designing is a great source of relief for all those business owners who want to promote their websites, products, and services. There are lots of web design firm who offers different services or software for creating the websites.

A professional web designing company hires both the web designer and graphic designer to develop the efficient and attractive sites for them. Both web designer and graphic designer plays a vital role and have the different task on the same job. Both are hard working and well versed about their job and put practical skill and knowledge to build the website that easily attracts the visitors.

Web designing and graphic designing uses the image text and typeface for communicating ideas, design for the internet by using the desired method. The use of graphic design comes since the creation of print media on the other hand web designing entered into existence after the development of the internet. Before using the services, it is important to understand the difference between web designer and graphic designers.

Now here we will explain you the difference among both:-

Web Designers.
  • They create the website on the internet.
  • They work for business to set up and implement their sites.
  • A web designer designs a graphical display of content that shows on the network in the form of a webpage.
  • They use some applications like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc.
  • They focus on coding and writing of web pages.
  • A web designer must have technical knowledge.
  • The necessary work of web designer is to make the dynamic websites for the visitors.
  • A web designer is capable of giving all types of coding services to the company for web designing.
  • Web designer helps to rank their site at the top of the page on Google.
  • A web designer is very efficient in nurturing your thoughts into reality.
Graphic Designer
  • They include any designs on the website.
  • They use tools to deliver a message from a client or company to specific audience.
  • A graphic designer creates the layout design for a variety of types of print advertisement normally in 2-D form.
  • They use the tool like image and typography.
  • They focus on the appearance of words such as letter size, shape, and color.
  • A graphic designer doesn’t need any technical knowledge.
  • The necessary work of graphic designer is print designing, advertisement design, textile design, book layout, etc
  • A graphic designer is not much capable of creating the codes that web design requires.
  • The graphic designer can’t do this type of work.
  • A graphic designer is unable to offer a shape to every thought of yours.
Conclusion: — At the end, we want to say that every firm that requires to raise their profits or rank their websites on the top of the Google or any Search Engines. They must hire a web designer or graphic designer those give their best in designing and giving ideas of designing the efficient and attractive websites for the visitors, and these sites must generate the accurate information that the users required.