Togliattiazot program — Chemistry of Kindness

TOAZ is the Russia’s largest company which produces ammonia and this company is known as Public Joint Stock Company Togliattiazot (TOAZ PJSC). TOAZ is capable of producing over 3 million tonns of ammonia annually and it ranks among the world’s top three companies. This company is also one of Russia’s key urea producers. It yields urea formaldehyde concentrate & many others chemicals compound in demand with consumers across five continents. According to RBC , Togliattiazot ranks among Russia’s largest companies, For besand Expert magazines.

TOAZ is one of the largest tax payers in the Samara region and a socially responsible company. We place everybody at the heart of everything we do at TOAZ.

We are a socially-oriented company, proud to provide a wide range of social program sand social infrastructure to our community.

Togliattiazot is focused on social infrastructure support, particularly in the city’s Komsomolsky district, which is home to most of its employees. TOAZ provides assistance in the development of social and health care facilities, supports under privileged citizens and contributes to the favor able social environment in the city, on a regular basis.

TOAZ implements projects planned to enhance social conditions in cooperation with Togliattiorph an ages, adult day care center,city Hospital, Rehabilitiation Center, charity funds and religious institutions.

Chemistry of Kindness

Program of support of social and cultural initiatives — “Chemistry of kindness»

Since 2019, Togliatti has been implementing the program “Chemistry of Kindness”, which is aimed at supporting significant social and cultural initiatives to help solve urgent problems of the Region and the development of its social and cultural environment, as well as the involvement of the maximum number of stakeholders in the process of improving the social and cultural environment.

Public organizations,Non-profit and non-governmental , charitable foundations, state and municipal budget organizations, local self-government bodies are called to join in the competition.

Within the framework of the program, the expert council, consisted of representatives of TOAZ, administrations of Togliatti and Stavropol region, local authorities, public organizations and public figures of Togliatti and Stavropol region, will consider various projects during the year, created in order to solve problems in such areas as the development of social support and protection of citizens, education, science, culture, art, education, physical culture and mass sports, comfortable urban environment, environmental initiatives and volunteer movements. The champion will get grants amounting to up to 400 thousand rubles each for further implementation of their projects.

Grant program for adoptive families

The grant program for people, who have adopted disabled children, has been implemented since 2013 on the initiative of employees and the administration of TOAZ together with the trade Union organization of the enterprise. The program is supported by the Board of Directors.

Within the framework of the grant Program TOAZ allocates funds to people who have adopted orphans, as well as disabled children and children left without parental care, who were at the time of adoption in organizations for orphans, which are paid until children turn 18 years old. An important condition of the programer head option of children in the Samara region.

The adoptive family has the right to use the funds for the improvement of living space, for travel or rehabilitation with the child, for the purchase of special medical equipment, for the care of the child in the postoperative period, as well as for other purposes related to childcare.

As a result, the program «Togliattiazot» performs at the same time several social functions: helps children with disabilities to find families and unloads children’s homes in the region. The company has set up a Commission that constantly monitors the implementation of the program.