How can Astrology change your life?

You must have often heard people complaining about how their life is full of miseries. Even after doing a lot of rituals or religious practices, they do not get any comfort. Astrology is a science that balances the 5 elements (air, water, space, earth and fire) inside the human body. The planetary position at the time of a person’s birth determines their nature, personality as well as informs about their shortcomings. Future is destined. Astrology does not change your future; it rectifies the wrong things that might affect you negatively. The Astrologers who make future predictions can never be completely right. The position of the planets changes rapidly and sometimes very slowly. So how can the predictions be accurate? We have been blessed with astrological remedies that reduce the affects of malefic planets and often make our strong planets prominent. The main pillars of Astrological remedies are:

· Gemstone: Pt. Pawan Kaushik, one of the top Astrologer in Gurgaon says, “If the God above us has given us problems and pain, He has also hidden the solutions in different parts of our planet in the form of Gemstones.”

1. Gemstones are magical but their magic gets activated once they come in contact of their right wearer.

2. They are powerful and should only be worn if an Astrologer recommends you one.

3. The Gemstones become ineffective after a certain span of time. They must be changed after every 4 years.

4. Always wear the Gem after purifying it with the correct ritual.

· Mantras: When a person chants Mantras, it creates a lot of vibrations in the surroundings as well as inside the person. Pt. Pawan Kaushik, who has been providing Astrology services in Gurgaon for the past 20 years, puts forward his theory of Mantras. He says, “Every planet has a sound. When we repeatedly chant a particular Mantra, the chakra related to that Mantra gets activated which then connects us with the planet.”

1. Some Mantras are very powerful and are advised not to be chanted without the advice of an Astrologer.

2. Always chant the Mantras whole-heartedly.

· Yantra:

1. Yantras are geometric figures that are used by people as an Aid while meditating. Every yantra is related to a different deity.

2. They must always be kept in the Pooja by following a formal procedure.

3. The Yantras get energized through Pooja and Mantra Chanting. They thus connect us with the planet or God with whom we want to establish a connection.

4. Some Yantras are extremely powerful and it is advised by the Astrologers that they should not be kept in houses. Also, some Yantras powers cannot be tolerated by people with a weak heart and so they must avoid using it.

The Astro-remedies discussed above can bring a lot of positive change in your life. They also solve your problems related to Career, health, money, marriage, relationships and mental peace. It is however strongly advised that none of the above remedies must be followed without the guidance or recommendation of an Astrologer.

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