Ever thought of cleaning your curtains … ?

Windows add a sense of space to a room. They are avenues of fresh air and natural light. Many people go to great lengths to transform windows into a fabulous décor element of a room. Curtains are, by far, the most common item used to enhance windows.

Panels and drapery allow windows to be defined with a style that is unique. Lace-accented windows change the appearance of a kitchen’s cooking area. Wavy taffeta drapes unleash creativity. Blackout curtains are an attractive means of reducing unwanted external light and outside noise. Hardware and curtain rods add another decorative dimension when used on curtains chosen as window treatments.

The Need to Clean

Curtains, often, are a neglected home furnishing. They hang for years, absorbing household odors and dust. Curtains can harbor thousands of microscopic dust mites. The curtains act as effective air filters that trap airborne hair, smoke, odors, and dust. This combination makes a perfect habitat for dust mites.

Cigarette smoke and cooking aromas leave curtains with a slight discoloration and a less than fresh smell. Delicate and light-colored curtains display stains most noticeably. Some curtains are washable in the household washing machine. Others are subject to shrinking, or the manufacturer’s recommendation is to have the curtains or draperies dry-cleaned.

Letting a professional handle this chore for you is a wise choice, especially if the curtains were expensive enough to be considered an investment. Having them cleaned professionally is far less expensive than replacing them.

Professional technicians often use a steam cleaning method. Very heavy curtains, or those difficult to take from the rail, are types of drapery that benefit from steam cleaning. Experts can perform the service in your home. Attempting the job on your own is not recommended. Steam is hot and getting burned is a possibility.

Safety and Technique

Curtain cleaning can be a highly technical and delicate task. Well-trained professional technicians come equipped with the efficient, professional grade equipment. Safe and proper curtain cleaning requires an expert touch, as well as, special equipment. Sensitive and delicate fabric is taken care of properly.

The cleaning systems used are designed for delicate, sensitive curtain fabrics and heavy duty cleaning. There is no mechanical damage or discoloration at the folds or edges. Cleaned curtains with no shrinkage are guaranteed. Shrinkage would cause serious problems. The top grade equipment and specially trained technicians prevent shrinkage from occurring.

Prior Damage

Technicians will attempt to correct creases sustained by a prior improper cleaning. Sound technical experience and expert fabric knowledge can sometimes perform miracles. If the sustained damage is too severe, even professionals cannot clean curtains and produce a like new product. You can be assured, however, that a valiant attempt will be made. A steam-based system and non-toxic solutions are used.

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