15 SEO Practices That Every SEO Consultant Needs To Follow

It can be hard sometimes for SEO consultants to keep up with Good SEO practices. These handy tips will certainly help you plan your best SEO strategy this year.

Search engine has become more and more intelligent over the years and forced to change the way SEO was done. It can now distinguish between quality and spammy links, whether your site provides any value to users and also ensure thin or duplicate contents don’t rank high in search engine result pages. To make sure you stay on top of your competitor, here’s are few best SEO practices that can help you with effective SEO campaign.

1. Include Search Box:

Make sure to include a Search Box panel on your web page and especially on your blog page of your website to help user while they search for something within the website and aid them in site navigation.

2. Focus More On Your Content:

SEO experts should try more to focus on creating quality and engaging content that provide value to it, users. Ensure to write a title that entices users to click on it and read and don’t forget to include targeted keyword in your title. But, also keep in mind not to repeat exact phrase or keyword in your article over and over; instead use variations of those keywords as long as it goes with the flow of main content.

3. Try to write in the language of your audience:

Make sure to adapt your writing to the language your audience speaks and grasp easily. Look for words that your targeted audience understand and maintain the tone of your article in such a way that it fits your audience.

4. Pay attention to Internal Links:

Linking to other relevant pages within your website allows search engines to crawl and index other pages of your website easily. Also, make sure to use rich anchor tag for internal linking to let search engine understand the content of your linked webpage clearly. But don’t overdo this or it will be considered spam may harm your SEO.

5. Optimize your Images:

SEO experts should never forget to optimize your images and media’s with labels, tag and alt-text so it can be crawled and understood by search engines. Also make sure to resize and scale your images as per need, become scaled images loads faster, thus optimizing your web page.

6. Make webpage’s mobile responsive:

SEO consultants must ensure all webpages are responsive and easily accessible in mobile and tablet computers. Google seems to favor mobile-friendly webpages by providing higher ranking in SERP.

7. Use Breadcrumbs Links:

Use Breadcrumbs such as previous and next buttons in your website to aid user ability to navigate easily through your website.

8. Clean Website Layout:

Your website should be arranged in a clear, hierarchical or tree-like layout to help both users and bots to crawl your site.

9. Use Web analytics Tools:

Good SEO Expert never forgets to implement web analytics tools such as Google analytics, to measure the performance of your website and amount of traffic you are getting. Web analytic tools offer much more than just showing visitors count on your website, It helps maintain and analyze data to set KPI’s and goals for your performance.

10. Use Google Search Console:

Google Search Console is one of the most powerful tools for webmasters as it offers lots of vital insights for SEO Experts. Use Google Search Console with Google Analytics together, for even better results. This notifies you about any issues with your website and aids you to overcome that problem positively.

11. Disavow Poor Quality Incoming Links:

If you are getting links from poor quality or link farm websites you may be penalized by search engines and loose all your current ranking even if you are not the culprit. To control this scenario, you can disavow bad links, disavow links essentially means that you are telling search engines that you don’t have anything to do with this links and not to take those links into account when determining your webpage’s ranking.

12. Make a clear call to action:

Every SEO consultant should make sure that they include a clear call to action on their website so people will be able to understand clearly and able to navigate to other section like other article or your products page or you want them to contact you, etc on your website.

13. Use of Social Media:

Distribute your content to masses through the effective use of social media platforms is a good practice every SEO expert must follow. Also, have a social media links or buttons on your websites to make your content easily shareable by readers to different social media channels.

14. Keep track of Your Competition:

Search out for your top 5 competitors and go and analyze their website. Note down all the points where you can excel and can make improvement in your website to outrank them. Look at what sort of topics and keywords they are targeting and do a quick search to see where they stand in search engine rankings.

15. Invest Time in Keyword Research:

Keyword research is most important phrase while making a strategy for your online marketing campaign. Investing time in keywords research will put SEO experts on a right track for optimizing your website. First, create all keywords that are relevant to your business and brainstorm with your team to find the best long tail keywords that will earn you both high traffic and ranking.