Passage Ranking — Google Algorithm Update In 2021

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3 min readSep 13, 2021


Passage ranking is an important factor for your search engine optimization. It is a new Google update and helps you rank better. Learn more about passage ranking here.

Google rolls out algorithm updates to improve the search results. This year, Google has come up with many updates, and one of them is the passage ranking. With this, your web page not only gets indexed and show on the result page, but the passages also get indexed and can be shown as featured snippets. The search engine optimization rules are changing very fast. So, you need the best SEO Agency to get the right position and retain it on the search engine result page. Please read on to know more.

Passage ranking:

Google uses artificial intelligence to index pages as well as index individual passages from the pages. It is an important update for your website that you must concentrate on. With the features, you can get higher chance to be ranked as featured snippets position. Google includes passage ranking to quickly solve a user’s query with specific details without the need for visiting a website or a web page to get the answer.

Google introduces this approach to help users get their answers easily. Sometimes, the one-line solutions get buried under long content, and users find it difficult to get their satisfying details. Passage ranking can solve this problem perfectly. The passage ranking is rolling out globally, and it also affects your ranking factor.

Passage ranking Vs indexing:

When Google first got the concept, they named it passage indexing. But the name cannot define what it does. Now, Google changed the name and call passage ranking. Google has already mentioned that passage ranking will affect the 7% of search queries when it is completely rolled out.

Google also informs that site owners do not need to change their SEO for the passage ranking. It is more the search engine’s understanding of the content.

The process of indexing will not be changed for this ranking factor, but the ranking shares a connection with it. You can concentrate on what is on the page and optimize the content for a better ranking.

Passage ranking strategies:

Some experts reveal that there is nothing complicated to perform for your passage ranking. Instead of concentrating on optimizing your post for passage ranking, you can use a few tricks to get your passage raked for the featured snippets, and they are:

  • Target long-tail keywords
  • In-depth, high-quality content
  • Structure your web page content correctly.

These three are golden rules that you can follow for your passage ranking. Hire the Best SEO Agency in the USA for your website optimization. Remember that algorithm changes start rolling out. If you miss any updates, it will lower your rank. Let an expert perform search engine optimization for you.

You can concentrate on the header tags for your passage ranking. It will increase your chances. SEO Agency is a renowned company for your search engine optimization. We have experts who help you get the best rank ahead of your competitors. Our experts always take care of your ranking factor. Please contact us to know more.



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