CEO of Satyanand drags the attention towards issues of old age homes in a seminar

Elderly health, dignity, and good housing are the biggest priorities according to the CEO of Satyanand Hospital who was speaking at a seminar organized by Satyanand recently. The seminar was focused on making people aware of the burning issues related to the senior citizens.

“In India, we have more than 87 Million people who have crossed the mental milestone of 60 years which is considered elderly age in our society. I don’t think many of the people even know it. Though old age hasn’t been any issue in India historically because they are considered the responsibility of the kids; the situation is changing rapidly now. With the change in the society, it becomes quite difficult for the kids to live with their parents because of their professional responsibilities. Parents take the decision of going back to their native place initially. However, with the increasing dependency, it becomes impossible for them to manage the day-to-day affairs.”

“In such scenario, good quality old age homes are the only solution. Satyanand Hospital understands the need of the day, and therefore, we offer great quality residential facilities to senior citizens. We pay keen attention to the necessities of elderly people so that they have comfortable and convenient stay. It is the reason; we offer an Old age Home in Pune which is best in the class.” He says.

Apart from good quality old age homes, we need “elderly friendliness”

CEO of Satyanand Hospital underlines the need of changing mindset about elderly people, apart from building superior quality old age homes.

“Indians lack a quality which is called ‘Grey Friendliness’. What does it mean? Grey Friendliness means there is a policy framework in the society to tackle the issues related to the senior citizens in social life, public places, transportation, and infrastructure.”

“Senior citizens in India are more dependent financially as compared to the western world, half of the population to be precise. In such situation, it becomes furthermore important to build old age homes that are not only self-sufficient but economic also.”

Need of Old age Home is not the sign of deterioration of family values

“People feel that we need old age homes because the social values have deteriorated and there is no respect and affection towards parents. However, I tend to think differently. It is more of the need of the day. Because of job responsibilities, people are forced to move from one place to other nationally or internationally. Hence, there has to be somebody who takes care of them with the same sincerity and warmth.

“At Satyanand Hospital, our aim is to create the sense of self-confidence amongst the elderly people. Though we have a diversified population of senior citizens who chose the option of staying in the old age home because of a variety of reasons, the desire of attention is common. We make sure that they not only feel comfortable but also spend a cheerful and great time. I Hope every elderly care home in India operates in the same manner.” He concludes.