Modern assisted living in Pune improves the life of elderly people

The recent census shows that the elderly population in India has increased in the past decade, and it is supposed to show a great increase in the future. From the title of “the country of youth”, it is approaching rapidly to the title of “the country of senior citizens”. By 2050, the number of people above 60 years will reach over 300 Million which will be more than the total population of the US in 2012. AS compared to the 15 percent of the whole population, the number of people over 50 years of age will reach to 35 percent by 2050. Chief Operating Officer of Satyanand Hospital talks about it.

“It is needless to say that the society should start thinking about the welfare and care of elderly people in light of the rapidly changing social and family structure in India. With the rapid urbanization and dependency on jobs, kids get settled down in big cities and metros. At times, it is not possible for them to take the parents to the place of work. As a result, elderly parents are forced to stay in the native place, or they look for an assisted living in Pune. Other than conventional old-age homes, stylish retirement communities are mushrooming with an enormous speed.”

“The inherent negativity attached to a typical “old-age home” is no more with the availability of stylish and well-equipped retirement homes. They are affordable for the higher-middle class and upper class of the society. Since the members are surrounded by people of their age group, they get adjusted quickly. Also, most of them share the same experience of kids getting settled abroad. Hence, there is a common string that keeps them bonded.” He explains.

Is there everything well?

Answering to the answer about the quality of life at the assisted living in Pune he says, “Most of the residents enjoy there. Sometimes, food is not felt up to the mark, and medical aid is not adequate in a few cases. Nevertheless, they are trivial issues really that can be sorted out by putting stringent management control.”

“Psychological setback is another issue that requires immediate attention. The management put utmost efforts to keep the environment happy and enthusiastic; there are situations of dismay or depression sometimes. Sudden illness or demise of one of the fellow members puts others into the state of worry.

Therefore, psychological assistance is given to the members by appointing specialists. They come to the place for counseling and assistance. The sessions are greatly helpful for everyone.

Depression comes because of another important reason; feeling of loneliness. At times, elderly people feel helpless and depressed because they miss their kids extensively. Audio or video conferencing sessions happen with family members at regular interval. These efforts take care of the psychological issues.” He adds further.

Assisted living facility is not for money-making, but it is a way to give respectful life to the elderly people without hurting their self-esteem and ego.