With the rapid socio-economic transformation, Geriatric care centers are necessary

Satyanand Hospital is a well-known name for world-class elderly care homes and geriatric care centers. Managing Director of Satyanand talks to the correspondents about the need of better-equipped centers in India.

“The concept of “family” is quite comprehensive in India. For a person along with spouse and kids, parents and even grandparents are also considered family members. In joint families, even uncles, aunts and cousins are also considered. Since family obligations and liability extend so widely, there are seldom issues of care and welfare of the elderly people. Rather, they are treated with utter respect. People may wonder about the number of old-age homes or geriatric care centers in such situation.

He explains the reason. “We see a rapid change in the social structure nowadays. Gone are the days when people used to live in the same place for generations. Today, job opportunities are centered towards big cities and the Generation Next gets attracted to the shine modern life. Hence, they don’t mind in consistently changing the jobs. In such situation, there is a need of well-maintained Geriatric Care in Pune where the senior citizens spend a peaceful and comfy life.”

Elderly people suffering from old-age diseases have a tough time

As mentioned earlier, senior citizens are forced to live alone because their children are at some remote place in India or abroad. The situation is under control till the senior citizens are physically and mentally sound. However, the situation becomes tough when they suffer from typical elderly problems. Caring for such people becomes a daunting task. Children are unable to do it because of professional responsibilities. In such situation, a well-equipped center for Geriatric Care in Pune comes to the rescue. They offer the complete care of the elderly people and keep the family members relieved from the burden.

How does a geriatric care center help?

Speaking about the importance and peculiarity of these centers, MD of Satyanand Hospital says, “Geriatric centers bring the senior people out from the feeling of helplessness; I think it is their biggest contribution. Since elderly people have lived a glorious life so far, the feeling of become dependent and helpless due to ailments haunt them. None of them want to become incapable of doing the daily chores. When experts at Geriatric center treat them, they make sure not to hurt the dignity and self-respect. Even if there are stubborn behavior and tantrums of temperament, caretakers do not get angry or frustrated. No wonder, senior citizens feel comfortable and relaxed there.”

“At Satyanand Hospital, we help them not only overcoming the feeling of helplessness but also assure them that they are in the good hands. We know that the fear of death is quite prominent at this age, and elderly people want to live in the company of others all the time. Hence, we chalk-out schedule in such a way that they feel secure and confident. I am glad to say that we see cheerful and enthusiastic faces and not gloomy and dull. It is the success of my entire team.” He concludes.


Due to the rapid socio-economic change in India, the structure of conventional “family” is collapsing pretty fast. Children can’t take care of their parents because of professional limitations. Geriatric care centers become increasingly important day by day because they offer comfy stay and specialized treatment. Specialists make the senior citizens happy and confident.