Are You Looking for an HD Video Conferencing Solution for your Business and Education?

Are you missing any big business event, If the answer is Yes, then sure, you might be missing a huge crowd around. We can see all the trends changing around us from day to day. People have become more upgraded and are choosing to have a good lifestyle, enjoying with shopping, eating, movies, malls, etc. But what about the other part of the world where the technology trends are upgraded each and every day. Are you aware of this?

We can see many business events happening around with a huge gathering of different technologies from different business sources. These events are so helpful to explore, specially for business people because of the latest and upcoming trends that can be easily viewed and tested live at the event. You can even gain a brief knowledge about the number of technologies around us with mind blowing advantages. One of them is HDVC (High definition video conferencing), with multiple media transmitting capabilities for video, audio and data.

Some of the HDVC Features:
It is an application based software with various features like desktop sharing, application sharing and many others. It is integrated with an image capture and compression technology that enables to deliver utmost picture quality at any capture resolution for video encoding, transmission and decoding. This solution makes use of H.264 VBR image compression technology, including both multi core and parallel processing. We can set and can reset camera settings which can connect up to 4K with a variable bit rate.One can experience the highest level of collaboration for conducting the remote conferences.

HDVC for Business:

High definition video conferencing is PeopleLink’s flagship product that one can just download and install. HDVC is very useful for business meetings and conferences which supports built-in video mixing option to allow up to six cameras in one screen and can even have the dual display which is easy for watching and interacting. It is a complete video conferencing suit containing all responsive features for any business and ready for a bigger collaboration.

HDVC for Educational Institutions:

In an education institute, the management can focus on each and every student by using HDVC connecting multiple cameras. The camera can be rotated and focused on each and every student during the training sessions and can even set the video rotations. This solution is specially useful for E-learning to transfer the data among students who are doing distance education from their destinations. Roll call is a feature where the professor can take a remote attendance of the students with a report generated after the conference based on the number of participants logged in the online classroom.