Are you looking for the best Audio Video Conferencing Solution?

Are you looking for a conference with around ten or more people at a time with good audio clarity? Then here is the best product PeopleLink i100P for conference rooms, where one can collaborate with around ten people at a time. i100P product is the best solution for board rooms consisting many features like 360 degrees of audio pickup. It also can be connected to phone as it is developed with digital acoustic signal processing technology and automatically adopts to your meeting room environment and the telephone network.

This has a PSTN connectivity which can be connected as an audio conference phone and can have up to ten participants around. It can also be connected to a microphone and has up to 85dB output volume with an echo cancellation feature.

PeopleLink i100P provides efficient business class audio and software video conferencing with natural and crystal clear voice for all the participants. The best functions and features of this i100P are as follows:
Functions and Features:
• Full-duplex conversation, crystal clear voice
• Optimal for up to 30m2 Conference rooms.
• Support for up to ten attendees.
• Automatic echo cancellation > 60dB
• Bi-directional noise suppression > 20dB.
• Directional microphone for Audio Enhancement (Optional)
• Automatic Gain control
• Audio amplifier with Built In speakers
• LCD with Caller ID
• Redial / Mute / Hold / Speed Dial Buttons
• Compatible with PSTN analog network
• Simple & Seamless Integration