How to Make Homemade Hair Removal Products

seoservice master
Jun 24, 2019 · 2 min read

For some, store bought depilatory creams and serums are too harsh. Making your own hair removal products at home allows you to know what is going in the creams you are putting on your skin.

Most people have hair somewhere the wish it were not and getting rid of it can be quite a pain, literally. Creating your own hair removal product is safe, effective and fairly inexpensive compared to other depilatory treatments. Other hair removal products and treatments could cost you anywhere from 20 to 2,000 dollars. At home hair removal treatments can be concocted using items you probably have in your home already.

The first treatment uses a mixture combining tumeric, milk and flour to make a paste capable of removing fine hair from any area of the body. This mixture can be used on any fine hair but is most effective for removing female facial hair. Tumeric is a spice you’ll find in many Indian curries. Both delicious and effective Tumeric removes fine hair and deters hair grown when used over a long period of time. Tumeric has an added benefit of softening and brightening the skin. After applying the mixture on your face, scrub it off by moving your fingers in a circular motion. After rubbing the hair away, rinse your face (or other body part) with cold water.

Another hair removal recipe uses the power of egg whites, corn flour and sugar. By blending one egg white with a tablespoon of sugar and one half a tablespoon of corn flour you will create a sticky paste. The paste can be applied to any area of your body you wish to be hair free. After allowing the paste to dry on your skin, peel it off in the direction opposite to that of the hair growth. When you remove the paste it will bring the hair with it follicle and all. This depilatory method can be used on thicker hair than the first recipe and the results typically last longer because the hair follicle is removed along with the hair.

Another hair removal method 部分脱毛 吉祥寺 with lasting results is sugaring. Sugaring is very similar to waxing and can give you the same results often with less pain. You may have heard of salons offering sugaring treatments to remove unwanted hair, but did you know you can make your own sugaring treatment in your own home? Depilatory sugaring pastes can be made using many different recipes, but the most basic uses sugar, water, and lemon juice.

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