5 Ways Social Media Can Help Small Businesses

No matter how high the quality and how affordable your products or services are, or perhaps how nice looking your website is if no one finds you it would be just useless. Through social media marketing or SMM and search engine marketing or SEM, you can enhance your online presence and let people find you through search engines and social media.

New responsive and mobile friendly website? Check. Nice web design? Check. High-quality products or services with competitive price range? Check. Organic website visitors? Oh wait, do I need that?

These are just among the many questions that new small retail stores and businesses have. Do you really need website visitors? The quick answer to this question is yes. Of course, you need people to visit your online store in order to sell your products or services. Not just any random people but the right people. Meaning, visitors who are likely to turn into a customer.

But how can you encourage people to visit your website and how can they find you? Well, this is where social media marketing or SMM and search engine marketing or SEM comes in. But how can social media help your new small business?

Social media marketing helps enhance your online presence

You need people to find you in order for them to visit your website or your page. One way of enhancing your online presence is through social media marketing. Social media has continued to become one of the most powerful tools for businesses to get attention and to reach out to their target audience.

Social media marketing gives small businesses a chance to compete against bigger companies

For small and new businesses who still can’t afford to invest in an all out internet marketing campaign due to budget restrictions, social media gives them the chance to compete with more known and established brands in the industry. Social media platforms offer various affordable ways for businesses to market and advertise their brands. With just a few dollars a day or month, you can already get your brand seen by your target audience. Not to mention, using and maintaining a social media account or page is free.

Social media provides more targeted audience

The good thing about social media platforms is they give you the opportunity to reach a more targeted audience and to get your business seen by the right people. You can target your audience based on their age, gender, country of origin, interest and more.

Social media helps you build strong customer relationship

People love it when you exert effort to reach out to them not only to market your products but also to interact with them. Interacting with your prospect, current, and past clients allow them to feel that you care for them and that they are important to you. Through social media, you can conveniently provide new updates about your products to your target market, provide customer service, and personally answer inquiries or questions.

Social media impacts your website’s ranking in search results

Google now considers social media signals as among the major factors for ranking a website in the search results. Search engines now look into the kind and quality of content you share on your social media pages when ranking your page. Sharing relevant, engaging, and educational articles, videos, images, and other forms of content as well as keeping your brand’s presence alive across various social media platforms can help you build domain authority and enhance your organic search rankings.

Not all social media platforms are appropriate for the type of business you have. Choose wisely the one that you think can be effective for your business. The major players today are YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also get some SEO services in Ottawa to further boost your online presence and search rankings.