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As a journalist, a Penimaster PRO and Chrome penis extenders, which I ordered for review and self-testing, was not surprising for me, not at all. In fact, it was almost the last penis extender of those that I had already ordered and tested on myself for a long time, talking about my own impressions, feelings, and results.

Again, I was familiar with this penis stretching device through other men’s testimonials, video reviews, and the official website. No, I just don’t usually read reviews on some sites because they don’t talk about my own experience.

Basically, all the reviews are written by someone who has never seen an extender. Therefore, my Penimaster PRO review will be different, not general, and devoid of expertise. On the contrary, knowing how other penis extenders work, I can make a comparison.

And now about this review and personal experience

Test period: 3 months
Results: penis growth as predicted for this period device used: Belt Extender, Rod Extender, Chrome classic extender
Technology: Vacuum adhesion. The only competitor in the market: Phallosan Forte
Comfort: 9/10, Precision: 10/10, Efficiency 8/10, Technology 10/10

First impression

So, you have the opportunity to choose different options for ordering Penimaster PRO. It can be a different version with a belt or with rods. Someone prefers the first, someone — the second.

Each of these extenders from Penimaster PRO has its own advantages and disadvantages. At the same time, buying the Penimaster PRO Complete Set package makes the right choice because you can combine both devices and decide which is better to use or both in turn.

Benefits of Belt Extender over Rod Extender

1. This option is more comfortable and functional. After all, you can use a belt in 3 versions: through the belt, shoulder, or knee. Therefore, choosing the most convenient option for yourself can achieve good results and the desired comfort level.

2. Also, with a belt extender, you can sleep. You can use it at night, as the design will be safe while you sleep because it will not have hard parts and tension with screws. You can’t hurt yourself

3. The belt design will work in dynamic mode. The tension setting itself will not be static. With a change in body position, the tension itself will constantly change, which is good. For many men, dynamic loading is more effective in terms of stretching the tissues of the penis from a physiological point of view.

4. The device will be virtually invisible in your pants when using a belt. Since fastening through the belt or shoulder will not be noticeable that you are wearing it.

Benefits of Rod Extender over Belt Extender

1. A rigid design with tension rods and screws is more effective in terms of stretching the penis in a short time than tension with a belt

2. The accuracy of saving the settings is an important criterion for compliance with the penis stretching technology, which states that the growth of penis tissues occurs due to a constant long-term exposure to traction force during which tissue rupture occurs, followed by its filling with new cells.

3. Although the Penimaster PRO technology is not the classic followed by Penimaster Chrome ( Classic ), the device works efficiently and with the right level of comfort because the penis glans is in a vacuum chamber and is completely free from friction, which occurs when attached with a silicone loop or rubber strap

Device Assembly

Assembling all devices is not a problem and is not difficult, but I immediately recommend doing it with the help of a large number of videos on Youtube. I don’t understand who needs these printed instructions because you need to deal with them for hours.

In reality, the Belt or Rod Extender assembly is universal for everyone. The only difference is that you set the tension level yourself, and if we talk about a rod extender, you still need to personally and accurately set the length of the rods.

To do this, there are rods of different lengths inside the package, even very small ones, to more accurately set the length. Accuracy matters here because the length of the rods is responsible for the efficiency of work. For example, the barbells should be 4–5 cm shorter than the length of your penis when relaxed.

Benefits of Penimaster PRO over other extenders

I personally tested and tested myself SizeGenetics (aka Pro Extender, Jes Extender but with a different set of accessories), Male Edge, Quick Extender Pro, Phallosan Forte, and I can immediately note the main advantages of Penimaster PRO :

1. The device is made in Germany and is patented and unique in its technology and efficiency.

2. The package with the device contains all the necessary replacement accessories. This applies to membranes and condoms

3. The Penimaster PRO extender uses vacuum adhesion technology and is different from its competitor Phalosan Forte with a more anatomically correct design that allows for comfortable and efficient penis enlargement and straightening

4. Unlike the classic extender model, such as SizeGenetics, it has more functionality to avoid injuries, pain, and inflammation associated with bacterial infections. As a rule, they occur as a result of contact of the attachment (loop or strap) with the head of the penis

5. The device works extremely accurately and withstands all settings. This parameter is critical in tracking the efficiency of using the extender.

6. Finally, the Penimaster PRO Complete includes 2 types of extenders that can be applied one at a time or can be used to test the comfort and effectiveness of different types of devices

Let’s talk about the disadvantages of Penimaster PRO

1. I would note the lack of a tension scale to track the level of settings. This can be important when using a tension belt, as it is difficult to navigate by feel. With classic barbell versions, you better understand the level of tension. For example, Phallosan Forte offers such a scale, which is a big bonus for devices of this type.

2. When we talk about comfort and efficiency, classic devices that hold the head of the penis with a loop or strap are much more effective than vacuum adhesive devices in terms of the speed of achieving results.

Yes, you cannot wear a device like SizeGenetics for a long time in one session, yes, it can be uncomfortable, but some men notice significant results in the first months. However, when it comes to Penimaster and its technology, comfort is paramount. You can wear the device for several hours per session, but the results are very stretched over time.

3. It was difficult for me to initially set up the vacuum chamber and generally learn how to work with a vacuum generally. It was necessary to put on the membranes in a rather intricate way. For example, I immediately broke one several times. I failed to create a vacuum because I did not close the valve. Those. using the device is initially more complicated than the same SizeGenetics

How not to get lost when choosing a device on the Penimaster website

So, it was a big problem to select and understand which penis enlargement device to buy on the Penimaster website, so I will make a short guide on how to do it right. In general, I could not imagine that this review could be a problem and so annoying. But this will not concern you, since I will show everything in detail.

First of all, you should know that an official Penimaster website provides information about their own penis stretching devices. It also has an official online store where these devices can be purchased.

Moreover, on the company’s website, there is such a choice of various accessories and options for buying devices that it becomes a problem to find the right one or choose it on the site.

Therefore, I will immediately explain what and how you can buy and which link to click on:

1. Penimaster PRO is the main vacuum adhesive device, which can be used with different fasteners.

2. Penimaster PRO Belt Extender — the ability to buy a version separately with a belt as an amount

3. Penimaster PRO Rod Extender — the separate device with rods

4. Penimaster PRO weight Expander is a kettlebell device based on the Penimaster PRO but is offered as a professional device for advanced users. It works exactly according to the most proven principle. But it is not easy to use and not as comfortable as the version with a belt or rods.

5. Penimaster Pro Complete Set is includes a vacuum chamber with a pear, and mounts with a belt and rods. Recommended in terms of economy, functionality, and ease of storage and use

6. Penimaster Chrome ( Classic ) is the company’s first device with a rubber strap attachment for the penis glans. The device differs from other classic extenders by the presence of clips in order to quickly remove the base from the device and release the head of the penis from the attachment. There are a large number of rods to adjust their length. Tension screws help to set the desired traction force up to 1.3 kg.

So, the choice of penis extenders and purchase options on the website of the Penimaster online store is really impressive. I have not met a single manufacturer that would offer something like this — many options.

Moreover, if the difference in devices in other extenders lies in the number of accessories for comfort, then here we clearly see various types and methods of influencing penis stretching. The main thing is to decide what kind of device you want to use and how. There is much information on the penimaster website about quality certificates, medical recommendations, details about the technology, and materials used in the construction.

I will say right away — buying a device is possible from the websites of many distributors, but this may not guarantee you service for the device. And the best prices, of course, will be from the official manufacturer rather than from intermediaries.

More reasons to buy Penimaster PRO

I do not want to complicate your task, and you, believe me, do not need to choose an extender for a long time. It is enough to understand what else should help to select PRO Penimaster:

1. The device is recommended for use in European clinics. There are many publications about it in medical journals, on the forums, you can find reviews about the device, which was left by thousands of customers

2. In terms of price/quality/efficiency ratio, it has no equal to the market

3. Personalizing the device to your penis size and using it would be the best thing here. Choose Penimaster PRO complete Set to buy the best penis extender and straightener

4. German quality of assembly and materials is a distinctive feature of Penimaster PRO. You can be sure of the quality of both materials and assembly and the originality of the technology, which clinical studies confirm.

5. The device is well suited for both beginners and experienced users who have already had experience using such devices.



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