VigRx Oil User Review. How does it Work in Real Life?

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Erection creams are the best natural way to get powerful, long lasting erections in seconds. Moreover, this effect is really achieved after applying just one drop of gel to the penis.

The effectiveness of a penis cream like VigRx Oil is officially proven. On the manufacturer’s website you can see the results of clinical trials.

In general, it is worth noting that erection creams are becoming mega popular on Amazon and other marketplaces.

Agree, why take Viagra or use some natural pills with an effect after many months, or torture your penis with a pump with a pump that can harm your penis, when you can just apply VigRx Oil and get an instant erection.

It can’t be that easy!

Since we, men, are not very interested in the world of pharmaceuticals and advances in the field of medicine, when choosing some products for male potency, we rely on friends’ reviews, general information, and even spam that comes to our mail.

We do not want to fully admit that we have problems with erection even if we have been suffering from it for many years. I don’t know why it works this way, but we always think that we are as healthy as possible, and what is happening with our erection is some kind of anomaly.

Go to the doctor? Oh better not.

Use Viagra? But it’s also bad for health.

Penis pump? Lord, how does it even work, and it’s not dangerous?

So, what is next? We still need to delve into this topic and study it to understand what products are on the market that can quickly and without side effects, naturally help restore an erection.

This VigRx Oil review will be enough for you. Oil , in order to buy absolutely natural, completely safe and effective cream for quick erection for ridiculous money.

In this article, I will just share my experience of using the gel so that you can use it to solve your problems in the same way as I did. That’s right — this will not just be a review with general information about what kind of gel it is, how it works and what its advantages are.

This will be the opinion of the user. I am attaching my before and after photos, all the important information so you can see the whole truth.

By the way, I bought not only this cream, but also Prosolution Gel and Male Extra gel. I will compare them in this review just below.

First impressions and unboxing

I bought VigRx Oil on the official website of the manufacturer.

I heard a lot about this cream on potency forums, it was recommended by many men and I was very surprised by the price of the cream, only $49. I definitely had to try.

I understood that many promises on the official website were probably overstated.

I want to say right away why I made the order:

  1. I saw a lot of positive feedback on the forums
  2. Convinced that the cream does not cause any allergies
  3. I got acquainted with the composition of the forumla on the site, which turned out to be 100% natural
  4. I studied the principle of operation of such gels and directly VigRx oil
  5. I liked that the gel is sold in a compact tube, which is easy to hide in your pocket and use at any time.
  6. The action of the gel gives an instant effect
  7. Increases sexual desire and lasts a long time after application
  8. The use of the gel has a cumulative effect and helps to get rid of erection problems with constant use.
  9. Absorbs quickly and leaves no residue
  10. After using the gel does not give any side effects

All these statements remained to be tested in practice. I originally bought just one tube and was very skeptical. I was definitely ready to try it and ordered with delivery to Europe.

First Impressions

As soon as I unpacked it, I immediately tried VigRx Oil in action and applied it to the penis. I applied it as it was said in the instructions — with massaging movements along the entire shaft of the penis, just on the skin. On the head of the penis also applied gently.

To be honest, I thought some kind of burning and inflammation would begin. But nothing like that. After I applied the gel, I felt it was instantly absorbed, it had a pleasant smell and my penis began to grow by leaps and bounds.

I have a penis pump, but I stopped using it after I had discomfort after using the air pump.

Literally a minute later I had a strong sexual desire, and an erection was achieved so quickly, as if I had begun an affair with a girl. It can be described as a wave that covers you in the sea. Condition was the best.

I will say right away that the erection appeared as if I were 20 years old, and not 40 as it is now. Those. it was a completely natural erection without any impurities. The first thing I wanted was sex, so I just masturbated, since there were no sexual partners nearby))))

To be honest, I was able to hold on longer than usual during the process and got a stunning orgasm. After him, my erection did not fall asleep immediately, but only after a few minutes.

I watched a movie about men who took Viagra and couldn’t get rid of their erections. So this is not the case. Everything was 100% natural. I got aroused, a strong erection appeared, I was able to masturbate and got a powerful orgasm, the erection subsided.

What else? My only regret is that I bought only one tube. It ended pretty quickly. If you are serious about improving your potency and erectile function, it is better to order an annual gel subscription. I did it later.

The main question is how does it even work?

So, the main feature of this technique is the ability to deliver the ingredients of the formula, and among them there are aphrodisiacs, extracts of herbs and plants that stimulate blood flow and sexual functions, directly through the skin of the penis.

Among the ingredients of the VigRx Oil formula there are substances that are just responsible for delivering the right substances to your penis tissues. This guarantees a quick effect. It works flawlessly, the blood flow to the penis is increased in the same way as it happens after the action of the penis pump and the application of a vacuum.

That’s just an erection stimulant is no longer a vacuum, but natural extracts. The main thing is that the effect is simply identical.

Let’s list the benefits of this pumping method:

  1. You do not need to spend 20 minutes of time pumping, an erection after applying VigRx Oil is no different from any other maximum erection
  2. You do not risk the health of your penis after application. It is no secret that excessive vacuum force, as well as direct contact of the vacuum with the head of the penis, can cause discomfort and various side effects. This is not the case when using the cream
  3. You can’t take a pump in your pocket like you can with a small tube of cream.

In fact, if we consider a penis pump as a means of getting a quick erection, then this definitely does not have any advantages.

Let’s see what is included in the VigRx Oil . These are all natural ingredients and each performs an important function in this unique formula. The product itself is manufactured in the USA in compliance with all standards and recommendations.

Formula :

Ginkgo biloba leaf

This ingredient increases blood circulation, is an important component for blood vessels

Asian Red Ginseng

Perfectly restores an erection by stabilizing blood pressure. Has rejuvenating effects

L -arginine

This amino acid is used by our body to produce nitric oxide. It is he who dilates the blood vessels. This increases the blood flow to the penis and as a result, you have an increased erection and the quality of sex improves.

Shea Butter

African shea tree is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

Aloe leaf extract

Known for its properties to increase erection by improving blood circulation

Licorice Root Extract

Increases the level of testosterone in the blood and thus — male physical endurance. This is also about improving male sexual stamina.

In addition to these ingredients, the composition includes 28 more. this formula is really powerful and works quickly and reliably for a reason.

Why Choose VigRx Oil

In fact, the market is simply flooded with incomprehensible creams, gels and oils. Everyone promises incredible results for your erection, but what are these brands anyway?

Most of them are unknown to anyone, their effect is incomprehensible, while studying the sites I did not even understand what kind of manufacturing companies they were? Fortunately, there are forums where men discuss products for men’s health, and it was there that I learned about VigRx oil .

I found out why choose VigRx Oil among many similar products:

1. This oil has been on the market for more than 10 years and it is developed by the well-known pharmaceutical company Leading edge Health

2. The product has all the necessary quality certificates and is approved for sale worldwide.

3. Although this oil can be purchased for as little as $49, it is backed by a money-back guarantee.

4. VigRx Formula Oil is patented and has no analogues

5. Many clients say that it helps almost all men, which means it is a universal product.

6. VigRx _ Oil has no side effects, as the oil consists of only natural ingredients

7. Unlike other similar products, VigRx Oil has a trusted reputation

8. You can read a lot of real reviews both on the forums and on Amazon

Cumulative effect

It may seem to many that the use of the cream is a quick erection at a time. But the fact is that those components that penetrate the skin of the penis stimulate blood flow to it, improve excitability, increase sexual desire.

Those. your body receives from the outside those components that it needs for the normal functioning of an erection. VigRx Oil contains components that affect the production of testosterone in the body, which also increases endurance and physical tone.

By applying the cream constantly, you thereby normalize your sexual functions and will be able to get rid of erection problems in a few months.

Many men still use the cream for reliability, since its use is not associated with any side effects.

Who Should Use VigRx Oil

It may seem that the oil is used only by those men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. But it is likely that your erection:

  • Can arise and subside quickly, which prevents normal sex
  • Your erection may not be strong enough, which prevents you from having sex
  • It takes you a very long time to get an erection and this can interfere with sex

It is advisable to use the oil even for those men who are sexually healthy, but experience some kind of psychological or physiological discomfort.

How to use VigRx Oil

Everything is very simple:

  1. Apply a few drops of oil directly to the penis before you want to get an erection
  2. Rub the oil over the entire length of the penis evenly
  3. The oil will be absorbed immediately and you can put on your underwear
  4. In about a minute you will feel the maximum erection

What to do if the Vigrx Oil does not work for you as you would like?

Manufacturer Leading edge Health offers 2 different product options: VigRx Oil and Prosolution Gel . I would recommend that you purchase both in order to try which one works best.

Prosolution Gel is just as effective, but contains a different set of ingredients. Some men buy Prosolution Gel instead of VigRx Oil , as its formula works better for them. Be sure to give it a try, as both products are inexpensive yet deliver strong and natural results.


VigRx Oil is the best erection oil you can find on the market. This is a quality product that contains only natural ingredients and can be used without a doctor’s recommendation.

In fact, the use of this oil is comparable to the use of a lubricant. The only difference is that if the lubricant is used for smoothing and it has its own set of ingredients. That erection gel enhances male power and makes an erection hard, powerful and long-lasting.

The use of such oil is possible on a daily basis, but this is not necessary. Constant use of VigRx Oil will only positively affect your men’s health.

Buying VigRx Oil

To buy Vigrx Oil, you need to go to the official website, where you can choose from several package options. The most profitable — for one year. The best price on the site. Guaranteed quality and efficiency or money back.



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