Cryptogaming for Fun and Profit: How Will the Blockchain Change Online Gaming?

The blockchain is changing the world and beginning to bear fruit via novel cryptocurrency games. If you’re not living under the rock, you must have heard of CryptoKitties.

CryptoKitties were ground-breaking in 2017 but had lots of difficulties with slow payments. Move aside CryptoKitties! There are new dogs on the block: Coin Dogs!

Imagine a game where you can make cryptos while you sleep. Imagine being at work and checking your phone to see new payments deposited into your crypto wallet.

In Coin Dogs you race and breed crypto dogs using Litecoin. You can race your dogs on autopilot 24/7 against other cyber dogs. When other dogs breed with your dogs, you earn income.

You are a virtual entrepreneur. You are a digital tycoon magnate and the money you earn is real. Breed your dogs for speed. Breed them for profit. You can even buy them accessories and outfits to make them more attractive than your competitor’s dogs.

You become your own DNA scientist as you explore 6 trillion genetic possibilities to create the fastest virtual racing dog in the entire world. 100% unique one that no one else has.

Coin Dogs micro-payments are run through the cryptocurrency Litecoin. Litecoin is a globally established digital currency that excels its transactional security, speed, and stability. It has virtually no fees guarantee small friction and motivate users to race, trade, and breed dogs frequently and in large quantities. Coin Dogs also employs off-chain storage to facilitate smooth payments.

Coin Dogs explained

Fun: Players may pick from 20+ dog breeds with individual speed traits. Breeding Coin Dogs allows for over 6 trillion DNA possibilities, introducing collectability among unique dog breeds. These dogs become priced collector items which can be sold to other players for breeding, and they could be optimized for top racing performance in worldwide races.

Ability to make money: Coin Dogs allows users to earn money by winning races, renting dogs for breeding purposes, and trading dogs. Players may become successful in just about any or most of these game aspects, and the element of chance in breeding and racing allows for plenty of entertainment value because of the uncertainty of each outcome.

Speculation: Coin Dogs offers investors and players the opportunity to share in the success of the overall game through Coin Dogs tokens (CDS). CDS tokens represent ownership share and provide the holder voting rights and dividends from the game’s profits. Players can earn CDS the more they play the game, while non-players investors can buy CDS with Ether. CDS token holders will get the chance to collect dividends in the future.

Addictive and unique gameplay

Coin Dogs’ gameplay provides a unique mix of qualities in the crypto gaming space.

The ability to breed unique dogs with distinctive characteristics provides scarcity, which increases the perceived value of the dogs. Because of the social character of the game, different breeds can end up desired among players.

Alongside breeding, Coin Dogs’ racetrack aspect is the first of its kind in crypto gaming. Users may enter their dogs in racing events with a Litecoin entry fee, and the players with the winner dogs in each race earn their winnings. Characteristics like DNA, temper, experience, and age affect a dog’s racetrack time.

With a player-to-player game, the social aspect is an important factor in people’s entertainment. The Coin Dogs platform enables players to highlight their best dogs for social capital, reputation, and breeding interest.

How to join

Coin Dogs crypto game was released on May 15, 2018. During the initial slow rollout — new users must enter an invitation from current players to join. Starting today ensures you not only get the lowest price but the social capital of owning one of the very first dogs in the game.

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