Here are 10 best ways to build backlinks for SEO.

  1. Create SEO-Friendly Content

The first step to building backlinks is to put your content at the top of your website. You can do this by: Creating high-quality content that is unique Providing the most relevant and relevant content to your competition Creating content that makes a stronger first impression Providing the most relevant and relevant information to your target audience

2. Have a Clear Description

If you want to build backlinks from Google, you have to provide your readers with a clear description. A good description increases the likelihood that your readers will click on your link. It will also tell your readers what they are looking for in your page. If you don’t write a good description, Google will filter your website for content that doesn’t create a good first impression and therefore isn’t worth the click. …

SEO in 2020
SEO in 2020
How to do seo in 2020

If you have just started blogging and looking around, you should know the term SEO. Till now SEO was different.

Check my blog post on how seo evolved and you will get an idea of overall changes made by Google till now.

Google is still learning to put good content on top and that´s the reason we see various algorithms being rolled out every month.

There are 4 main pillars of SEO.

You should definitely know…

  1. How to do keyword research
  2. How to create content for SEO
  3. How to create backlinks
  4. How to use social media for SEO

Lets go…

How to do keyword research in 2020

I have already written a brief article on this topic…

How to do Keyword Research in SEO?

Image for post
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Keyword Research in 2020

Getting SEO is tricky in a way because you need to make sure you keep updated about everything that is going on.

Thus, you need to have plans for the next few years ahead. If you are thinking about what you should do when 2020 comes, then you need to already consider doing specific things.

For example, it includes making sure to improve the user experience across your site and this should include things like mobile optimization. …


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