5 Contemporary Amenities you can have in your New House

As wisely stated by a learned man, “There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home.” But there’s one thing we’d like to add here — a good, safe and secure home with modern amenities and facilities that make living easy and convenient. Of the many important things, having a home that offers space for storage, balconies and modular kitchen is essential for contemporary living. If you are planning to get a house built, there are certain vitals that must be a part of your home’s construction master plan. Some of these have been listed below. Real estate in Meerut is flooded with a plethora of builders that promise to help you build a home in the most beautified and budgeted manner.

Huge Closets and Wardrobes

Most of us are always short of wardrobe space and hence, it’s essential to have huge wardrobes installed across of the rooms to increase storage space. Dedicate one side of the room’s wall for closets and wardrobes and enjoy additional space for stalking your essentials. Complement the color of your wardrobe with that of the walls to add richness to the room’s look.

Pooja Room

No matter how modern we are, we all fold our hands in front of the mighty god. And, this calls for the need to have a dedicated space for establishing a special Pooja room. It’s not necessary to have a big or separate room for this, you can just convert a small part of any of your room for setting up a Pooja space.

Lavish Bathrooms

We may spend most of the time in our bedrooms, but bathrooms are one place where we actually relax and unwind ourselves from our daily tensions and stress. Therefore, it’s essential to have big and lavish bathrooms adorned with modern bathing accessories and equipment. If your apartment is nestled at a higher plain or an elevated position, go for French windows bearing ceiling to floor windows. This will make your dwelling appear posh and quirky inside out.

Sit Outs

Residential real estate in Meerut is developing and most bungalows nowadays come with luxurious sit-out settings. These just allow you to relax and enjoy the majestic environs while sipping a cup of hot coffee/tea or play some games with your friends and family.


Though these are unusual in India and only found in extreme cold regions, these add a classy look at your living space. Meerut is a city that experiences not-so cold winters, having a fireplace installed can be simply a showpiece in your home.

Apart from these, there are certain things that you can get built in your new home like a wine cellar, a play room, an orangery, golf course, lawn or terrace garden and much more. These just add an essence of elegance to your dwelling space.