Residential apartments in Gurgaon: 4 Smart Advanced Installation to look for!

The advancement in technology has always been a catalyst for change in the realty sector of India. With the rapid pace of technological evolution, our reliance on digital devices such as smartphones and tablets is also mushrooming at a much higher pace. Today, maximum of your home appliances can be controlled and adjusted by connecting them to your home’s Wi-Fi, using a simple mobile application, enabling you to live a digitalized life. Most 3/4 BHK residential apartments in Gurgaon, today, are highly equipped with such technologically advanced gadgets and appliances and help in leading an easy and comfort driven life!

Below–mentioned are 4 tech-driven installations that you should look for when buying a luxury residential apartment in Gurgaon.

Security System- A smart security system offered by the new age flats can be linked to your smartphones to monitor or control all the activities happening in and around your apartment in the most convenient manner. Your smartphone being the command centre, monitors the activities that are happening inside the home, even when you are out-and-about travelling to a distant place.

Temperature Control- Earlier, the temperature of the home had to be controlled manually with a remote which was affixed on a side wall. Today, with the advent of new technologies all you need to do is connect the thermostat to your smartphone and adjust temperature at the comfort of your sofa. The advanced technological features sense the motions and light up your room accordingly thereby reducing the energy consumption whenever you are away or sleeping. Some features can also control both the indoor and outdoor humidity and fine tune the temperature accordingly. If you are looking for new age flats in Delhi NCR opt for the luxurious 3/4 BHK residential apartments in Gurgaon that come installed with this majestic feature.

Smart-phone linked Electrical appliances- With the help of a good and smart system you can not only control the functioning of the electrical appliances but can also check electricity wastage and monitor the devices that are on a standby mode. This technology is especially useful if there are plenty of rooms in your apartment where multiple electrical appliances work simultaneously.

Auto adjusting lights- Auto adjusting lights are highly responsive and adjust themselves according to the availability of natural lights. This function of smart adjusting lights is highly beneficial for reducing the consumption of energy. The lights come affixed with advanced sensors that detect the prevailing lighting system and the presence of people in the room. The bulbs change hues accordingly to the time, i.e. from light blue tinge during the day to a relaxing yellow light tinge in the evening.

Most of the new age luxurious residential apartments in Gurgaon, Faridabad and Noida are turning towards installing smart technology which offer an unmatchable comfort driven life to its residents!