IELTS Speaking Tips

IELTS International English Language Testing System is widely popular among the people who want to explore foreign lands in search of greener pastures. This is the system to check the proficiency of English language of the person going to study or to settle over there. Different bands are required in different countries. All the four modules are equally important but speaking skills are highly recognized. To crack speaking exam with high scores is a hard nut to crack but with expert guidance & IELTS Classes can be made possible as this language is not the first language in India and other Asian countries, although it is spoken frequently.

Proficiency in speaking cannot be attained over night, it is a practice that should be done regularly as it is rightly said. ’Practice makes a man perfect’. If a student wants to get good scores, must keep few things in mind.

First and foremost is the pronunciation –every letter of alphabets has its own sound so one should be well versed in that. It can be learnt in the company of people who are proficient in that or those who are appointed to teach that. Be copy cat as it will help you to have the same sound as it is meant to be.

To copy the exact word sound, the most important is your listening skill. Listen to the sound carefully to repeat exactly same. To improve listening skills, one must listen to different people with different pronunciation or accent. Listening of TV news or the conversation of foreigners can help a lot.

After the clear diction, comes confidence to speak in front of others. To build confidence, one must try to get the exposure to express. If one is not getting that then mirror practice is the best option. It boosts the level of confidence and makes a person a good orator, remember confidence is must but overconfidence must be avoided.

A confident person can extend his speaking by explaining the facts because in the assessment of speaking the examiner assesses the person by his fluency and expressions of ideas. For this, regular speaking practice on different topics will be proved beneficial as then there will be proper ideas to explain.

While explaining the ideas one must stick to the topic as overflowing of ideas may lead you off track. Here single minded focus is the need of hour so develop the habit to jot down the notes before starting your topic that will definitely stop you going haywire.

Along with these points one must avoid over show of one’s knowledge about lexical resources. Usage of ornamental vocabulary words may create a problem for you so be natural as you can in your expressions.