Unpacking Africa’s 1st Mobile DSP

Adclick Mobile DSP is Africa’s first homegrown mobile DSP platform that offers self-serve or managed programmatic advertising services.

Our performance-driven platform is used advertisers, agencies and trading desks to reach relevant and premium audiences in Africa and beyond through different types of campaigns. The Adclick Mobile DSP can be used by advertisers across all verticals including financial services, telcos, FMCGs, automotive, lifestyle, entertainment and sports.

The most popular ad formats which have attracted a lot of interest from advertisers are high impact rich media ad units that enhance campaign effectiveness.

The Adclick Mobile DSP features include:

  • Advanced targeting
  • Real-time report
  • Premium African inventory
  • Advanced audience segmentation
  • On the fly optimization
  • Easy integration

The benefits of running ads via the Adclick Mobile DSP include competitive pricing model, lower traffic costs that accrues from real-time bidding and a skilled as well as experienced support team that babysits clients’ accounts.

The Adclick Mobile team is driven by a strong understanding of the peculiarities of the African customer and the ecosystem of each country. Its operations are predicated on knowledge and passion for success on behalf of its clients.

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