In the last three months of 2020, Bitcoin has done it again, only ones in the crypto market not cheering were the “non-believers”. Bitcoin as a whole showed a linear upward trend, breaking through the previous high in one fell swoop and doubling again to hit a record high of $41,950. According to Coingecko, Bitcoin’s gained a staggering 168.33% in Q4, which is almost 50% monthly gain, the highest quarterly gain that could only rivaled by that of 2017.

So whats the driving force behind this monumental gain? Why this time? Here are several most popular speculations circling around.

  • Bitcoin’s thrid halving, previos block reward was 12.5 bitcoins. After the halving is completed, the reward for each block mined became 6.25 BTC. …

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Compared with the previous two “halving” of Bitcoin, the hosting solution is now more friendly, the number of mining service providers in the market is increasing, and the liquidity of the Bitcoin spot market and OTC market is also increasing. Miners are in a better position than ever.

We are about to usher in the highly anticipated halving of Bitcoin block rewards.

At the same time, the number of bitcoins sold by miners in the past seven days has also decreased, which means they believe that the bitcoin price will increase significantly over time after “halving”, so they all want to HODL. …

With global stock market plummeting, gold has again showed bitcoin who’s the real “boss”.

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In recent weeks, gold has maintained a rising momentum and has continued to rise. Proponents of gold believe that reality has time and again proven the reliability of gold as a safe-haven asset, so if you really want to hedge, you should choose gold instead of Bitcoin.

As new Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) began to erupt in Japan, South Korea, and Italy, panic in the global market spread further. On the morning of the 24th GMT, European stock markets generally fell sharply, with German stocks and French stocks falling more than 4%, and British stocks falling about 3%. US stocks also opened sharply lower. The S & P fell more than 3%. The Dow Jones index plummeted by nearly 1,000 points at the opening. Nasdaq also fell more than 4%.

With founder of EOS: Dan Larimer, and founder of Binance: Zhaochangpeng

Things to start with Justin’s TRON recently announced the acquisition of Steemit.

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Justin’s capital operation route has always been to acquire those near-failure and half-dead projects at low prices, and then use this project to issue a new coin on the TRON network, followed with pump and dump with the help of TRON’s publicity.

The most successful transaction was his acquisition of BitTorrent, a semi-dead company, at a low price. Of course, when media announced it, it was necessary to announce at very large acquisition amount, to ensure confidence in the project and its’ liquidity. …

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I use to go on to see all kinds of technical analysis on bitcoin, while googling “Fibonacci retracement”, “ Dow theory”, “upper and lower shadow line”s, “wave theory”, “Candlestick chart trends”, etc. Confronting myself with the “professionality” when a few lines magically appeared on my chart.

Crypto technical analysis of the currency circle has become one of the large amounts of information that surrounds us.

Despite these terms all seem very advanced, is there any sense behind ? Where are the limitations? As an ordinary investor, what kind of investment strategy should we have to obtain the maximum return?

Or is is just a survivorship bias?

Blockchain is a great revolution, and those who submit will prosper, those who resist shall perish. — Xu Xiaoping

Recently, bitcoin hit $ 10,000 again, and it’s been two long years since Xu Xiaoping said that, the speaker also disappeared from blockchain industry for nearly two years. The IOST token that he used to invest and publicly support is on the brink of collapsing, and the rest is a group of investors holding this altcoin and not knowing who to turn to.

In the crypto trading market, there is such a person. As a big shot caller in venture capital, he is unrelenting. He’s like a mythical chess player who’s three steps ahead of you, never let any chance of money-making leave his gaze, waits for so called “crypto enthusiasts” to join the money game, and out he hunts. He is the dude behind Li Xiaolai and Luo Yonghao, the “game designer” who plays the industry in the palm of his hands. …

Life is sometimes ruthless while the #crypto world is full of love. — Justin Sun

Tron CEO Justin Sun supported FCoin Scam on 18th Feb, 2020. As I read this, the mixed feeling of disgust and joy made me put away the burrito I just made. Disgusted by the lawless and opportunistic nature of this “liberal and communal” decentralize industry, yet joyful of the realization that people will remember this multi-million dollar lesson for a very long time.

FCoin not only sounded a wake-up call for the cryptocurrency industry, but the entire online industry should also be alert. Some IT entrepreneurs have adopted a competitive approach that is to continuously finance subsidies to users, occupying market leadership by “burning money”, but after the little flicker of flame dies out from the last dollar, you have to ask, whom were they fighting against in this money war? Investors or themselves.

Investing in Bitcoin is like investing in WeWork.

Thats basically what Mr. Buffett was insinuating during the “infamous” CNBC interview in 2018. Not only does he not invest in Bitcoin, for all non-productive investments, Buffett tries to stay as far away as possible, but in Bitcoin he criticized the most. However, this has more to do with Buffett’s investment philosophy.

In the CBNC’s interview with Buffett, Buffett himself explained in detail why he did not invest in Bitcoin, and believed that Bitcoin was not an investment at all, it was just a game for latecomers take over and bleed.

He expressed his opinions during the interview in great detail. …

Having been in the Blockchain industry for so long, I often find myself coming back to this question: aside from all the pump and dump hype, are blockchain projects essentially overrated databases? What else can they do?

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Here are some of my thoughts about where this industry will go and thrive.

The “phase 3.0” of current blockchains are actually more business-oriented. From the perspective of the database, there is a lot of room for improvement in the underlying technology of the blockchain. At first everyone just made a digital currency. …

I don’t know what the mood of this recent pump is.

Don’t panic and keep holding Bitcoin?
Didn’t get in on the rush?
Missed oppertunity on altcoin?

Maybe all the above situations, for example, OKB rose sharply, for sure most people missed that. Some friends even said that it was the exchange coin that “halved” first.

Most investors in the crypto, although there are still many doubts, have realized that the bull market has come.

How can we be sure this wave indicates a big bull market? How long does the bull market last? Where is it now?

Of course I can’t predict that, otherwise I’m just another attention seeker, but we may be able to guess the next big market boldly through some indicators, the previous halving market and the bull-bear cycle. …


Jack Ge

I manage @CyberVeinGroup . Ardent Chinese street chess player & Imperial College London alumni. Hiking when not flying to Blockchain conferences.

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