Airbrush Makeup 101

So you’ve heard of it too and want an answer to the question “what is airbrush makeup”?

Airbrush makeup is basically makeup, applied on your skin by an airbrush wand, instead of using fingers, sponges, and other common methods. This method of applying makeup is very popular in theaters, sunless training as well as the film industry.

But there are different systems and techniques of airbrush makeup that have been designed specifically for home application. Such airbrush makeup kits are normally smaller and they perform at much lower pressures compared to the airbrush systems that are used in industry settings.

Airbrush Makeup Kits — A History Lesson

The history of airbrush makeup can be clearly traced way back to the early 1990s when actors are said to have used it first, and has grown since then into a popular mode of makeup application especially in the entertainment industry.

The popularity of airbrush makeup in entertainment can be attributed to the vibrant growth of High Definition Television (HDTV) which requires high quality pictures in order to avoid imperfections which can easily be seen in ordinary makeup. In fact many studios are now shifting to airbrush makeup systems to help them meet the high standards of the lucrative HDTV experience.

The pressure of an airbrush makeup process is generally softer, giving way to smooth application without streaks or even cracks which can be very disappointing. The substance used in airbrush makeup is very thin and nearly paint like with high color intensity.

The application process involves spraying the substance directly onto the skin. But the eyes must be closed and cotton swabs positioned in the mouth and nose to avoid consuming the substance which is definitely not friendly to the internal body. Film formers are commonly applied in circumstances where the makeup needs to remain for a longer duration.

What makes Airbrush Makeup Special?

Airbrush makeup creates a perfectly natural and even appearance of the skin. When applied properly, the skin will look fresh, smooth and far much light compared to what traditional makeup would produce. The other advantage of airbrush makeup is the fact that it has been found to wear much longer than ordinary powder. It can stay for as long as 12–24 hours. The airbrush makeup technique is said to be very sanitary, way beyond traditional makeup. This is because the artist will never need to touch the skin. The technique is also very fast as long as the makeup is applied by a sufficiently trained makeup artist.

The trend of airbrush makeup started in the entertainment industry but is now spreading quickly to domestic use. Millions of ladies around the world are fascinated by the magical effect an airbrush makeup can have on the skin. They desire exquisite and long lasting makeup that will not only look beautiful but natural as well-a quality that any lady will go for. The ladies are discovering a secret that was for some time only known to entertainment celebrities such as music and movie stars!

The rising demand from domestic users, especially women, has now triggered the production of several airbrush makeup products that are currently available in the market. It is also available for blush, shadow, lips and eyebrows.

Hope this brief article helped answer your question what is airbrush makeup.


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