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God is in the detail ~ proverb
The devil is in the detail ~ proverb

No one knows if what’s in the detail is good or bad, but to be sure, it’s important.

Inspiration can be found in the smallest of things.

Think of someone you love, and your mind’s eye will be treated to a view of some minute detail: that unusual chuckling sound she makes on the phone, the way his eyes always look just a little bit sleepy, the softness of the fur on the top of your cat’s head, the quiet whisper of your dog’s breath when he’s on your lap…

Take in any, otherwise ordinary, scene from really close-up—get your eye-level down to the scale of the smallest thing around you—and immediately you feel like a visitor in a foreign place. Your senses ignite, and your mind sets ablaze with possibilities.

The rhythm of a certain background guitar riff counter-balances the swing of the other instruments and immediately transforms the song as a whole.

The twinkle of morning sunlight reflected off a bead of water, the delicate curve of the clay when it’s cured…

Small details outnumber generalities by infinite magnitudes. There’s more inspiration in the world than you could ever experience, inviting you to a closer look.

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