Night Owl

I am a night owl. I cannot seem to rise early like many other people do on a daily basis. Instead, I take my time as it comes and goes. Yet for some reason, I always feel like I’m coming up short. I feel like I haven’t tried my best. In order for me to try my best, I really need to dig deep and see what the problem is. Here’s the problem:

I am a night owl. It makes me hungrier knowing that I can get work done while the competition sleeps. However, they say productivity isn’t there when you’re a night owl. They say you need rest. They say you need to start your day early. While I agree to this notion, I still have trouble adhering to it. My problem stays consistent. So I let the problem fuel my passion to succeed.

I am a night owl. I know my problem is that I’m a night owl as much as I know my solution is that I’m a night owl. I cannot run from it, instead, I can work with it. I will acknowledge it in helping me to be more efficient. I need to be more efficient for not just myself. I need to be efficient for my faith, for my family, for my friends, for my foes, and for forever.

I am forever a night owl.

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