Web Designers vs Web Developers: Who Do You Go To When You Need A Website

Web Designers vs Web Developers

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So, you need a website.

You want a really personalized blog layout or you’re ready to create an online home for your professional side. But where do you start? Well, a front-end web developer might not be the first person that you should go to.

Give me a second to elaborate.

According to most recent numbers 90.9% of Canadians, or 31,661,870 people, have access to the internet. More than 85.6% of Canuck households have mobile phones where they also access the world wide web. However, despite our voracious consumption of all things internet far too many Canadians have no idea how the content we devour appears online.

Yeah, the web is literally a collection of wires, cables and radio transmitters that span the globe but how does what we see on our screens get there?

That’s where front-end web developers come in.


While, yes, we web developers use a number of programming languages including HTML, CSS and JavaScript to bring your website to life, we aren’t your first line of contact.

Web designers are.

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Web designers are people who create the styling and layout for websites. They work with you to choose fonts, colour schemes, images and other visual attributes to decide what your website will look like. When they’re done finalizing how your website will look they hand over the plans to a web developer like me who then puts your website together using the blueprint created by the web designer. Web developers work in tandem with web designers to create the beautiful websites that you love.

While web designers are familiar with programming languages, it is not common for them to both design and develop websites (though a few of those unicorns do exist).

Tell your friends and save a front-end web developer an eye roll when someone asks “So, you design websites?”

We work together but we are not the same.

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