7 Days of Summer

When Summer arrived, she told me that she would only stay for a week. I laughed it off obviously, her rays were seemingly eternal, and summer usually lasted longer. Or so I thought.

Day 2 of summer was pleasant to say the least. We warmed up to each other, grew in her unlikely glow. Yet she reminded me again, ‘’ I’d be gone in 5 days darling, don’t stick too close. ‘’ I really doubted her words at that point. Her presence never felt safer in my arms. Or so I thought.

The third day of summer went exactly as planned. We danced in the wind and played among the trees. She fell into my arms and as we got closer, she put one finger to my lips and whispered, ‘’ Four. ‘’ I mocked and jested, ‘’ Forever. ‘’ Or I so thought.

The fourth day of summer came and passed in Poseidon’s embrace. The water warmed in Summer’s grace made me feel at home. Floating drifting in the currents of fate, we were fishes meant for the waves of eternity. Or so I thought.

Day 5 of summer came in the theater of darkness where she held my hand for the entire journey. We sat beside each other as the oncoming storm on stage took us to the edge of our seats. Summer wouldn’t let go, I didn’t want her to. At the edge of the Cimmerian shade, I never saw Summer in clearer light as her beauty shone through all. This will go on forever. Or so I thought.

In the sixth day of Summer, snow started to fall. She danced in the falling petals of white, entranced in her own mesmerizing voice. I sat by the side and fell in love. Summer was beautiful as the dawn of the seasons. Yet her setting chorus whispered ‘’ Its about time... ‘’

‘’ It couldn’t be.. ‘’ I told myself. Or so I thought.

The last day of Summer came an old man in robes of night. He arrived with his scythe of time and sat gingerly beside me. He gave me a heartening pat on the back and said, ‘’ Winter was never meant to hold a Summer’s grace my Brother. ‘’

His night robes filled the ground below me like infectious dancing shadows and it turned to white. Snow covered my lands as I saw Summer fade into the distance on her swan song. I knew for a certainty, the prophecy was not to be denied this time.

Summer had taken her promised leave into the horizon, never to be seen again. Winter’s cold icy grip warmed me yet again, I’ve returned home.

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