“Finally, huh?”

I startled, didn’t realize that I have an accompany since my mind was so full with happiness. I looked up at him, well yeah he’s a freaking tall guy, and a big smile spread on my face. I even started to grin.

“Well, never imagine you, the grumpy girl, with such a big smile on that face. Are you sick or something?” he asked and put his palm on my forehead. I punched him weakly.

“Don’t you know that this world, yeah this very world, is full of ugly things, miserable feelings, and depressing people, until I kind of believe that humanity is no more, but, I know that this one thing is still exist and I think my life isn’t that bad at all,” I replied him, smile broader than before, and ever.

“Hey, Miss Grumpy, I didn’t know that you’re such a hyperbolic person who is so worked up over the idea of holiday. One freaking holiday, y’know” he shook his head in disbelief.

I laughed, and put on an oh-i’m-so-smart facial expression on my face.

“Well, holiday is holiday. And holiday means that I could go away, as away as possible, from this very place, am I right gentleman?” I replied. He knew how much I “love” this job.

“Hahaha, happy holiday, then,” he touched the top of my head, patted it slowly, and walked away.

I watched him walked, slowly out of my sight.

Can I add another good thing that I like to be 2?


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