Learn how Storelift leverages image annotation for computer vision in creating new commercial retail experiences.

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“By outsourcing the data annotation to Sequence, we experienced huge gains in terms of time and quality of work. Indeed, we have been able to reallocate 70% of our time to higher-value tasks.

Sequence’s expertise enabled us to train our neural networks on clean data, which is crucial for getting the highest accuracy possible. We finalised the MVP of our autonomous cashier system and are now in talks with major European retailers for pilots in 2019”.

— David Gabai, COO & Co-Founder, Storelift

Storelift is a deep tech startup working on computer vision applications for retail. They are developing an autonomous cashier system that allows retailers to offer a checkout-free experience to their customers in store. …



Image annotation, tagging, and classification outsourcing. Made for data science teams.

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