Meta Camelot to Take Over Metaverse Night Club Scene with Sequin AR

Sequin AR
2 min readAug 18, 2022

The Metaverse is an ever-evolving decentralized space made for exploration, investing, and socialization. We believe that all Metaverse experiences should be top-tier, lined with AAA games and beautiful digital worlds where you can lose yourself for hours. With virtual reality, developers creating newer and better functioning 3D spaces, gathering with your friends, attending work meetings, and watching your favorite musician live became a whole new, higher-quality experience… and this is only the beginning.

Introducing: Meta Camelot, an upcoming premium virtual club based upon one of Japan’s most famous physical nightclubs, Club Camelot. The virtual space will feature ReadyPlayer.Me avatars, live DJs, and exciting events.

The original Club Camelot, one of the largest clubs in Tokyo, features two dance floors and can hold up to 1500 people. Japan’s notorious club features a wide range of music — from EDM to hip-hop to reggae to rock, and boosts its sound with a high-definition sound system that enhances sound levels produced by well-known DJs. The trendy, neon-lit, club continues to host steady popular nights that attract locals and tourists alike, packing their 3-floored physical space to the brim.

Meta Camelot will be modeled just as the original, but has an evolving space and layout with never-ending music and constant locomotion for nonstop jamming and partying. Stacked with ReadyPlayer.Me avatars, Meta Camelot will mimic the experience of going to the club in real life, but will be completely elevated in the Metaverse. From virtual DJs to reality-bending visuals, Meta Camelot will host all of the fundamentals that make Club Camelot, Club Camelot… plus more! The sky is the limit in the Metaverse… Or is it?

So, grab your dancing shoes and get ready to celebrate in Meta Camelot! We believe this meta-club will be one of the best virtual entertainment venues in the Metaverse. We are super excited to be a part of this trendy, action-packed virtual nightlife experience that will change the way people socialize, and party, forever!