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3 min readJul 25, 2022


When people think of the Metaverse, they often think of it as a way of the future; a futuristic advancement in technology that can virtually whiz you anywhere your heart desires.

The Metaverse does all of this, but much more.

The Metaverse isn’t just about exploring anticipated possibilities of the future but also immersing yourself in the history of the past. We at Sequin AR believe that when you take advantage of the Metaverse’s expansive opportunities through a premium, immersive experience, this innovative piece of technology can also serve as a time machine.

The Edo Period

When one today talks about Japanese culture, they are often specifically referring to the rich culture of Edo.

The people of Edo hold extreme pride in their history as the city was once extremely wealthy and foreigners were off-limits to the area. When the legendary city came to an abrupt end in 1868 after a disastrous fire and being renamed as Tokyo, original Edo residents thought their way of life was lost forever until detailed records of the society and physical city surfaced. The records were largely preserved until 1945, the year of the allied bombardment of many Japanese cities. Since then, families with historical ties to the city have been fighting to keep Edo alive and prevent the rich culture from being buried with the remains of the city.

The Edoverse

Take a trip back in time to Edo. The Edoverse is a virtual space where the unforgotten city of Edo exists in modern times, allowing you to experience the city in both past, future, and present.

Entering the Edoverse could be an experience comparable to taking a journey to some of the most exotic places of the world today. The Edoverse will allow people around the globe to time-travel to the great capital of Edo, Tokugawa Shoguns, and Japanese people a chance to honor their origins and great history through timeless Japanese culture and art.

The Edoverse will be constructed to promote innovation while contributing to cultural development through NFT art collections and transactions. Landmarks of Edo will be reconstructed with as much historical accuracy as possible, with missing components filled in with detailed educated imagination. According to the official Edoverse Sepia Paper, the iconic Metaverse World will include:

  • The Edo Castle
  • Major Buddhist temples
  • The Shinto shrines
  • The Nihonbashi Bridge
  • The commercial district of Nihonbashi
  • The Edo mansions of the Daimyo
  • The Feudal Lords
  • The official Red Light District of Yoshiwara

Play within the city of Edo with its rules, regulations, and social customs; play within the chaotic world of Sengoku; or within the tumultuous times of the civil war years. Whichever way you choose to play is completely up to you. Games included in the World will have themes such as Bonsai, Goldfish, Sumo, Kabuki, Sushi, samurai duels, vengeance-seeking, and more.

Start off the game as a “Ronin,” or unemployed Samurai and work your way up to achieve a higher social status, or game-level. “Ronin’s” already start off with a wide-range of basic goods, services, and assets in which can be used to express themselves, enable and empower interaction with other avatars, and improve their Edoverse society standing. Players can accumulate wealth through the Edoverse cryptocurrency and spend their virtual riches leveling up their avatar with real-world arts and crafts related to the avatar they operate.

We believe a high-fidelity, premium Metaverse like the Edoverse will allow users to time travel via a fully immersive experience with real-life history. We at Sequin are beyond excited for the future of the Edoverse and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this premium Metaverse.

The key to the future is here, and it is rooted in the history of the Edoverse.



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